Month: July 2016

8 Tasty Whole30 Recipes

8 Tasty Whole30 Recipes

About a year ago, my husband decided (out of no where, I might add) that we were going to do our first round of Whole30. If you missed out on how absolutely against the idea that I was, along with our very interesting journey, you can read more about that here. ¬†Ironically, a few weeks […] Read more…

Bedtime Book Routine

Toddler Bedtime Routine

Let’s talk about toddler bedtime routines. I’ve got to be honest – we, thankfully, have pretty easy kids when it comes to bedtime. We have a routine that we have stuck pretty closely to since our oldest was born, and it works for us. Our normal bedtime routine is pretty basic and predictable, and goes […] Read more…