Month: February 2017

Incredibly CUTE toddler clothes!! // Family photo shoot ideas //

Let’s Be Honest Mamas

Have you ever wondered how in the heck all of the other moms do it? What is their driving force, why do they make the parenting decision they do, and how do they pull it off so well? I know I do. I love picking other mama’s brains, getting their insight, but most importantly, receiving […] Read more…

Pregnancy Update // Pregnancy Photography //

Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

Hi friends!! I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day. Since we have two toddlers running around, we didn’t do anything crazy, and yet, the day was honestly perfect. One of my favorite parts of parenting is turning events, holidays, random weekdays, in to special memories. So I filled the living room with red […] Read more…

The Mathematics of Motherhood // Photoshoot Ideas //

The Mathematics of Motherhood

How many times have you heard the following saying when it comes to parenting? “The days are long, but the years are short.” There is probably nothing more true. I’ve only been a mom for a little over three years, and yet it is hard to recall what life was like before I had kids. […] Read more…