Month: June 2017

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag - The Ultimate Checklist //

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

When we were going in to deliver Noah, JD and I looked like we were moving into the hospital. Seriously. We brought our own pillows, comfy blankets for JD, a bag filled just with snacks and drinks to stock our mini fridge with, and a giant rolling suitcase. Oh, and our diaper bag and car […] Read more…

Technology with Kids //

Let’s Be Honest Mamas: Technology with Kids

Let’s be honest, technology use with our kids can be a pretty touchy topic; it practically falls into the same category as choosing to breastfeed, or whether you believe in co-sleeping. Everyone has a different perspective or approach, which is why this month’s topic in our monthly series (hosted by Hannah Renee) we have teamed […] Read more…