November 1:

A really well prepared bleu cheeseburger!!! If you know me, then you know I’m a sucker for a great burger; and after a relatively stress-free Christmas card photo shoot, I was STARVING. A bleu cheeseburger, partnered with crispy french fries and a margarita…that’s my foodie heaven.

November 2:

My children’s health. After my oldest son’s afternoon nap, he ran up to me and said, “Tummy, hurt.” I didn’t think much of it, because this kid is always telling me something hurts so that I’ll give him silly kisses. So after I kissed on his belly, I sent him off to play. A few minutes later, he comes running back to me crying and saying his tummy hurts. The minute I pick the kid up, he vomits EVERYWHERE. (While it was totally disgusting, it made me grateful that he is normally a very healthy kid who rarely gets sick.)

November 3:

QUIET TIME! Uninterrupted, completely humbling, eye-opening quiet time.

November 4:

Amber Lately readers! The day before, I published my article “A lump’s a lump, no matter how small” – where I shared the outcome of my annual women’s exam. That very next day, I had an individual send me a direct email, sharing her story about her recent annual physical where her physician had also found a lump in her breast. After we got to talking, I discovered that we were literally going through the exact same thing, down to the date of our ultrasound appointments. I was in tears that afternoon as I read her email, because I knew that whole thing was orchestrated by God – pairing the two of us together. We spoke the entire rest of the month checking in with each other and following up. I will forever be grateful for her boldness to reach out and share her story with me.

November 5:

Pinterest. I severely dislike wasting food, so when I see something about to expire, I immediately go to Pinterest and look up a recipe. Today, I was able to find a recipe for easy chocolate truffles that allowed me to use my cream cheese. #boom

November 6:

Resources to go grocery shopping. I typically put off shopping until the last minute – which is sometimes (all the time) a pain. But seeing my cart overflowing with food and being able to donate to our local food bank, provides me with great joy.


November 7:

A husband who allows me to buy a new Christmas tree….and put it up.

November 8:

An afternoon with no kids and new friends.

November 9:

JD passing his Series 65 exam for work!!

November 10:

A passion to help others, and the opportunity to partner with other individuals who have similar passions. (Maxwell + Gray Studio, that was your shout out! Insert smiley face emoji here.)


November 11:

A husband who works hard. Partnered with God’s grace, JD has provided a life for a our family that I only dreamed I would have when I was growing up.

November 12:

Today was my biopsy appointment, and I’m grateful that JD has a career where he can take off work to watch the kids when I need him.

November 13:

BEING PUBLISHED!! I had my first syndicated publication today on Mamalode. If you missed the post, you can catch it here!

November 14:

Pulling off the perfect cheesecake! While I have been baking for years, I have never made a cheesecake from scratch before. To be honest, the idea of making a homemade cheesecake kind of intimidated me; but with our upcoming holiday party, I wanted to put together a dessert worth bringing to the table. Insert cheesecake here! It took longer than I would have liked, but since the 14th, I have made three. I may have a cheesecake addiction.


November 15:

I realize that I have said I am thankful for my husband quite a few times already, and this day is no exception. I am grateful to have a husband who works hard and then spends his weekend watching the kiddos solo so I can attend our first annual all girls Favorite Things party!

November 16:

Olivia, my cleaning lady. Plain and simple.

November 17:

A mother-in-law who is willing and able to watch my children when I need help.

November 18:

PAIN MEDS!! Today, JD had a tonsillectomy and surgery on his sinuses. This kind of procedure is definitely not easy on an adult, so it should go without saying, I’m extremely grateful for pain meds!

November 19: 

One-on-one time with my youngest. Since we had to be at the hospital all day on the 18th, my mother-in-law so graciously volunteered her grandmothering services, and took our toddler off our hands for a few days. This allowed me to have some long overdue undivided time with Emmett.

November 20:

A toddler who loves me! After being gone for three nights, I couldn’t wait to see Noah. As soon as he got out of the car and made eye contact with me, he shouted, “MAMA!” He then proceed to melt my heart by running across the driveway and tackling me. Gosh, I love that kid.

November 21:

Chocolate. Please refer to my s’mores coma.

Today has not been easy. With a husband who’s on the bench in the game of parenting (thank you tonsillectomy), a tantrum tossing toddler, and a sick babe…excuse me while I self medicate with s’mores.

November 22:

Resources to buy clothes and gifts for children who may not have presents to open on Christmas otherwise.

November 23:

Getting my email from Arianna Huffington, informing me about getting published on Huffington Post!! (Stay tuned for more details.)

November 24:

JD finally coming out of his pain med fog. While I have felt terrible that he has had to experience the aches and pains that come with having your tonsils removed, I am thrilled to not play the single parent role any longer. Side note, God bless all of the single parents out there…I seriously don’t know how you do it!

November 25:

Travel buddies! Today we booked our trip to Washington D.C. with one of our very favorite couples. #eek

November 26:

FAMILY, FOOD, and FOOTBALL. (Football, because it provides the perfect background noise to nap to.)


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