With the holiday season in full swing, I have officially been thrown in to the chaos that is finding the perfect present for all of the loved ones in my life. Let’s get real, hunting down a great gift can be down right stressful – and while I realize giving gifts isn’t the “reason for the season”, I truly enjoy the excitement that comes along with surprising someone I care about with exactly what they wished for.

I understand that there are hundreds of gift guides circulating on the world wide web, but to be honest, this is really the only one that you need. If you have a mom in your life – whether it be a wife, sister, mother-in-law…yes, this includes your own mom – THIS is the gift guide for you.

Don’t waste your time standing in line on “Gray Area Thursday” (also known as Thanksgiving), these gifts don’t require a trip to the store.

1. Sleep.

Let me be perfectly clear, there is absolutely no gift you can give a mother that trumps sleep. I’m talking, uninterrupted, took an extra dose of NyQuil type of sleep. The kind of sleep where your body naturally wakes itself up, because its sleep bank is too full. Yeah, that’s definitely #1 on my wish list this year.

2. Silence.

Do you remember the last time you sat in complete and utter silence? Let me guess, was it before you had children? Shoot, I can’t even recall what it’s like to hear complete nothingness anymore. Even when my children are sleeping, their monitor is still buzzing with white noise. There is just something that sounds so extraordinary about being a mom blob and sitting in total silence on my couch where no one is talking or touching me.

3. Dinner for One.

You may not know this, but ever since your mother has brought life into this world, she has had to put someone else’s needs before her own. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That means, at an absolutely minimum of three times per day, she has had to feed another mouth before she feeds her own. And when that wonder woman finally does get to consume her meal, it’s usually cold or interrupted by cries for attention. So after you’ve given her the chance to take her 37 hour snooze, serve her a silent meal in bed…alone.

4. To Pee Without an Audience.

Do I really need to go in to detail here? Nobody likes to be watched while they are trying to do their business.

5. Hot Coffee.

You don’t know sadness, until you’ve had to nuke your coffee in the microwave. In the midst of changing diapers, nursing infants, and chasing toddlers, the leading lady in your life rarely gets the chance to sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. You want the day to start off on the right foot? Press the brew button on your Keurig the minute her feet hit the floor on Christmas morning. Then allow her to sit down, liquid treasure in hand, while you make breakfast for the kiddies.

6. A Shower.

Trust me, moms don’t enjoy smelling like baby vomit and pureed carrots. They would much rather cover themselves in a scent that resembles rosemary or lavender; but let’s face it, if the broad doesn’t have time to finish a cup of coffee while it’s still hot, when the heck is she supposed to carve out time to bathe? Do everyone a favor and make that woman a bubble bath, take the children, and leave the house…in silence. Please refer to number 2 on the gift guide.

7. A Surprise.

Whether it be a home cooked meal that she didn’t have to prepare or load of laundry she didn’t have to fold, I can promise you that by surprising your mother with a similar act of kindness, will win you some serious brownie points.

8. A Thank You.

Interestingly enough, a thank you goes further than you can possibly imagine. While we may never admit it out loud, mothers actually get great joy out of doing what they do for their families. We will happily juggle schedules, meal prep, and carpool, all the while picking up dry cleaning and unloading the dishwasher; simply because we genuinely love taking care of our people. But truth be told, we can sometimes feel overlooked and taken for granted. Slip us a thank you however, and that only helps to fuel our multi-tasking, miracle-working mom fire!

If you stick to this gift guide during the holiday season, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the results. The best part? You didn’t have to forfeit your food coma on Turkey Day to get these gifts. Heck, you didn’t even have to wrap them.



27 comments on “A More Realistic Gift Guide for Moms”

  1. This is the perfect list for moms with small children. A friend of mine is expecting a baby any day now and has been SUPER stressed during her pregnancy. I’ve been struggling to find something special to do for and I think this list just gave me a few ideas!


  2. So simple, and so perfect! I’m not a mom, but I am the money maker in our family, and I work my normal job, freelance and volunteer, so many of the things on this list would also make me SUPER happy too!! 🙂

  3. I thought this would be about affordable gifts, not near-impossible ones. 😉 I’m so glad my sister’s all grown up and I no longer live with children. I have to share a room with her sometimes (when my grandma stays with us) and I’m saving up to move when that happens next year for the six months my grandma’s here. My mental health can’t take it.

    I think my mom would appreciate 4 even now though… the cat follows her everywhere. lol

  4. Omgosh I love this list! In fact, over the weekend I had someone take the kids for a little while so I could clean the house for a party and it was so quiet in my house that I waited until the kids came home to vacuum because I wanted to enjoy the silence for as long as possible!

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