Well hello, I’m Amber, and I am the overly caffeinated, Jesus-following, holiday-loving, brunch-devouring mastermind behind Amber Lately.

Want to know more?

For starters, I’m married to an incredibly talented, God-fearing husband who is seriously the other half of my brain. That’s right…brain. When he is out of town on business, I literally feel like my brain stops working and all of a sudden decision making seems impossible. So, I think it goes without saying, this guy is my partner, my teammate, and the love of my life (is that enough of the yucky love stuff to satisfy your curiosity?).

Together, we have created two of the sweetest, funniest little humans that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing (I may be a little bias). These two precious, sometimes wild, little gems are by far the greatest thing I’ve ever baked from scratch; and while you won’t find the recipes I share on Amber Lately winning any awards (most of which are spinoffs from Pinterest), I’d like to think that I get an A+ in the production of children category.


(See what I mean? Flawless.)

But who am I really? Well, I am a former gypsy soul, turned stay at home mom who is now heavily rooted in my love for Jesus (you can check out that story here). I am obsessed with coffee, online shopping, and anything having to do with The Bachelor. I wear yoga pants on the reg, and am infamous for having any number of unfinished projects scattered around my home on a daily basis. I collect movies that I have watched more times than I should admit, and books that I may never read. Most importantly, however, is what I feel like I have been called to do. I truly believe that my calling, along with raising my kiddos, is to share my experiences in not only motherhood, but life, in hopes of encouraging and inspiring other women.

As far as everything else, you’ll just have to stick around to catch all of the in-between.

So come, sit, stay awhile. I’m glad you’re here!