Something that I look forward to every year, is when we find ways to give back to the community. Teaching our children about community and the value of giving back is easily the most rewarding part of parenting in my book; and while our kiddos are still too young to understand the concept, starting these behaviors with them at an early age is extremely important to me and JD.

Our little family tradition of donating to the food bank started four years ago when I was still working outside of the home. It was right around Thanksgiving when I had helped to pull together a food drive within our office that contributed to our city’s local food bank. Hosting this event gave me a first hand look into the type of impact we could make when we work together, which left a lasting impression on my heart. Since then, every November we try to do what we can to donate to the Tarrant Area Food Bank as a family.



Once we checked off “Donate to Food Bank”, the only thing left we could conquer on our Autumn Bucket List was “make s’mores.” Making s’mores didn’t go quite as planned, because by the time I got around to putting together some time for us to gather around the fire and roast marshmallows, I had already single-handedly consumed a box of graham crackers.

Please refer to my mid-day s’more coma here.

When I did restock the s’mores supplies, my husband was unfortunately getting ready to have his tonsillectomy, which left me as a single parent to two kids under two for about five days. This inevitably resulted in declaring my unlimited admiration to all of the single parents out there (letter found here), as well as me devouring the second round of s’mores by myself in order to keep sane.

I think it goes without saying, I owned that bucket list to-do.

JD’s surgery went well, but the recovery was long and terrible. Seriously…it was terrible.


Thankfully, he had super handsome moral support nearby.

On a more positive note, some of you may recall the article I posted last month, “A lump’s a lump, no matter how small.” While it was nerve-wracking to share the results from my annual physical, I felt as though it was a good opportunity to encourage other women to check themselves and to remind them of the importance of being on top of their health.

Succeeding my ultrasound at the beginning of November, the radiologist recommended that I come back in for a biopsy so that we could safely rule out the possibility of the mass being cancerous.

To all of the women, and men, out there who have ever had to have a biopsy, my heart goes out to you. While the process was relatively pain-free, the act itself made me nauseous. Afterwards, I ended up almost fainting and falling off the table…which was slightly embarrassing and completely awful all at the same time.

Thankfully, my test results came back the following week with the outcome of the mass being a lactating adenoma. If you aren’t fluent in medical jargon, a lactating adenoma is just a fancy phrase for a benign tumor caused by excess estrogen. The radiologist informed me that it may resolve on its own when I am done nursing, or it may stay there forever. Either way, it’s not life threatening and that’s really all I care about!

So thank you to all of the individuals who took the time to say a prayer or send an encouraging message our way – you truly have no idea how much it meant to us.

 After a roller coaster month in the health department, JD and I managed to pull ourselves together to rock our annual Thanksgiving tradition of Black Friday shopping followed by a good old-fashioned movie date.


(Insert shameless selfie here.)

The very first Thanksgiving that JD and I spent together in college, we unknowingly started a tradition of ending the day with a movie date. I wasn’t quite sure if we would be able to carry on this little ritual after we had children, but thankfully, we have been #blessed with some rockin grandparents who so willing volunteer to watch our sweet babes so that we can squeeze in some overdue alone time and killer sales.

Ps. I’m the world’s worst mom, because I totally forgot to take a picture of Emmett’s first Thanksgiving. We do, however, have this perfectly filtered selfie from the day after Thanksgiving.


 In regards to Amber Lately, November was an absolutely thrilling month (that’s right…thrilling). I can excitedly report that I had the pleasure of being syndicated on not one, but two different mommy blogging publishing sites! Talk about some serious blogging milestones. If you missed the articles, you can catch them here, here, and here.

While words cannot describe the joy I have over getting published after busting my hump for four months, I have saved the most exciting news for last.

Over these last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting and partnering with the incredibly talented and ultra sweet individual behind Maxwell + Gray. Together, we have created our first (hopefully annual) Coffee + Caring Event.


What is the event you might ask?

This gathering is about uniting women across the Dallas/Fort Worth area in hopes of giving back to other women in an impactful way. During a time of year where it can be easy to focus on ourselves, we have decided to take an afternoon and make it about others.

On Sunday, December 6th, we will be coming together at Top Pot Doughnuts on Hillcrest Ave in Dallas to fill purses with goodies which will be delivered to the Genesis Women’s Shelter.

If you would like to be apart of this awesome event, then grab some of those old purses out of your closet and a couple of friends, and meet us at 4:00pm on Sunday for free coffee and doughnuts as we fill our bags with love!

Head on over to Maxwell + Gray’s website to register for this FREE event. You can find everything you need to know by clicking here!




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  1. Sounds like you are starting off December on the right foot. Sorry to hear your husband had to have his tonsils out. I had mine out at 18, and I can still remember how horrible my recovery was. Glad your lump was OK too! Best of luck with your great event this weekend!

    • Thank you so much, Shann! I had my tonsils out, but I was still really young, so I don’t really remember the recovery. I’ll also definitely keep everyone posted about the event. I’m very excited! 🙂

  2. So excited for all the goals you are meeting! I need to use it as motivation to attack some of mine. Honestly- it sort of all
    Overwhelms me. And I get agitated with myself/feel rejected/want to throw in the towel and just go back to blogging for fun all too often. And I’m struggling with the whole mommy/blogging balance. I need to round up all the mom bloggers daily schedules and figure out what mine should be- hahha! Good luck tomorrow! I hope it goes great!

    • Kate, I think you are fabulous and amazing. Simple as that! I, personally, think you need to find whatever makes you the happiest. I blog for fun, but heck, if I can submit something every now and then and it get published, then that challenges me; but I get rejected on a regular basis! As far as the mommy/blogging balance, I am still trying to figure that out. A lot of nights spent staying up way too late…

      Ps. Thank you for the luck, it went really well. More updates next week 🙂

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