Hi friends! A lot has transpired since my last bumpdate – which was actually when we announced our pregnancy publicly. I planned to get this out to you all on Monday, but this has just been an insanely busy week. We are absolutely over the moon to be expecting our third baby boy, but honestly this pregnancy has been an emotional rollercoaster. After our previous loss, there is this tiny fear that I battle daily on whether something might go wrong; and while it’s been a bumpy start, we are choosing to stay positive and trust in God’s will.

So here’s the latest…

Succeeding our exciting news in December, we had an impromptu trip to the ER one night after I was experiencing Braxton Hicks off and on for 48 hours. It really caught me off guard since it was obviously way too early to be having contractions. Even though I was only 17 weeks, thankfully the L&D wing went ahead and let me skip the ER wait and got us into their triage. We were there for about four hours, but after an extensive sonogram and exam, all the doctor could tell me was that I needed to take it easy and try not to lift the boys (umm…yeah, okay). Right before we were cleared to leave, the nurse shared with us that the ultrasound tech discovered that baby appeared to have what is a called a two vessel (umbilical) cord. Apparently it’s pretty common (even though I had never heard of it prior to this pregnancy), but that I would need to schedule an appointment with a specialist for further testing. We left that night a little startled, but hopeful since baby had a strong heartbeat and great movement.

After talking to my doctor’s office the next day, they gave me a little more peace of mind, and set me up with a specialist for after Christmas. I took that as a good sign, because I felt if it was something truly concerning they would have scheduled us immediately for an appointment.

Since we already had our trip booked for New York, and I wasn’t experiencing any further contractions, we decided to continue with our plans to celebrate Christmas in the Big Apple. My appointment with the specialist was scheduled for after the first of the year, but I surprisingly had complete peace about waiting to get in to see her. I guess this would be a good time to tell you that at some point throughout my pregnancies, I always try to press in to God and pray for a scripture that I can hold on to while I’m pregnant. It’s just a way to keep me focused on God’s word and less on my worries. On January 1st, right before the boys went to bed, I was desperately hoping for something to cling to, and that’s when Psalm 46:10 came to me. Be still, and know that I am God. 

In that moment I chose to step out in faith and hand this entire pregnancy right back over to The Lord. The stress and burden of constant fear was simply not mine to carry; and for me, that scripture confirmed it.

JD, unfortunately, was unable to make the specialist appointment with me, just because when you have two toddlers, schedules don’t always line up. It worked out well, because I was there for about three hours. Throughout the entire ultrasound I just kept repeating Psalm 46:10 over and over. The tech took more images than I can count, and covered every inch of baby she could. Everything looked completely normal and perfect (outside of the fact that baby does in fact have a two vessel cord) – baby is right on track for growth.

The doctor’s initial concern with having a two vessel cord, is that baby will have down syndrome or restricted organ growth and development. But since our initial blood screening came back low risk, and the ultrasound revealed a perfectly growing baby, the only thing they can do is continue to monitor us. That afternoon, they went ahead and did further blood testing, all of which came back completely normal.

So what’s the next step? I go back to the specialist at the beginning of February where they will perform an echo on the baby’s heart via ultrasound to make sure there are no defects. If everything appears to be in order, that will be the last we have to see of the specialist, and will just continue with regular ultrasounds throughout the remainder of our pregnancy to monitor baby’s growth.

Honestly, this is the best news we could receive. And while I would much prefer a totally boring and completely normal pregnancy, it’s been humbling to constantly be aware of my dependence on Jesus and my faith.

I’ll definitely be keeping you guys updated on how everything goes with our further appointments, but I also want to share the fun aspects from our pregnancy as well. So keep on scrolling to see if we have finally decided on a name for baby!

Maternity Outfit // 20 Weeks // AmberLately.com

How far along: 20 weeks! I’ll be 21 weeks on Friday.

How I’m Feeling: Overall, I’m feeling physically fine. I was hoping that once I hit my second trimester that I would get my energy back, but I guess between chasing around two toddlers and all of my to do’s, I’m pretty exhausted most of the time. And since baby is officially taking off growth wise, I won’t be hungry all morning then all of a sudden I’m starving! I’ll eat and not feel satisfied, so I keep eating, but then I’m too full to move. It’s a vicious circle.

Cravings: Lemons. Lots and lots of lemons. Really anything acidic, like blueberries, cherry tomatoes. And just recently, strawberry ice cream! I don’t even like strawberry ice cream, but I think when I’m done with the Whole30, I’m going to make my own homemade batch of strawberry ice cream.

Weight Gain and Physical Changes: Right around 5 pounds. Physically though, if you were to see me in tight-fitting clothes, you would probably think that I was smuggling a mango under my shirt. It really is interesting to see the differences between pregnancies and how much faster you start showing. Even though I have gained the same amount at this point in my pregnancy as I did with both the boys, I was able to still hide the fact that I was pregnant with Noah up until about 25 weeks.

The Name Game: If Noah had it his way, baby would be named Poop Baby No. Emmett however is a big fan of the name Juice. But as of last night we have FINALLY settled on a name! We just don’t plan on sharing that little detail until baby arrives. 🙂

Purchases: Since baby is a boy, we already have a TON of stuff. I don’t plan to purchase too many things for baby outside of bedding and weather appropriate clothes. I do however, have some cute items that I’ve been adding to our Babylist registry that I would like to have specifically for new baby. Items I’m definitely interested in getting would have to be a DockATot, a Milk Snob nursing cover, a basic plug-in swing, and this awesome shopping cart hammock. It’s just crazy how much cool stuff they have come out with even since my first pregnancy.

I’m sorry this was so long-winded! Thank you so much for reading and following along on this new season of our lives. I hope you have had an awesome week, and let me know if you have any questions you want me to cover on my next update! XO

PS. A Christmas Surprise – Hill Party of Five, and Processing Loss.

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  1. well first I am so glad that all the tests came back okay. You guys have been in my prayers ever sinced you announced and I just know that the tests will continue to be great and he will be happy healthy and so dang cute. You are such an inspiration in your faith, I admire you so. And, you look SO good! xxx

  2. Congratulations on baby number 3! It’s so exciting but I know how difficult it can be when things don’t go exactly as planned with your pregnancy. You have a great attitude and I love that you pray for a verse during your pregnancies! There is no better place to turn than God for comfort. I’ll be praying the rest of your pregnancy to be boring.

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