Hi friends!! I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day. Since we have two toddlers running around, we didn’t do anything crazy, and yet, the day was honestly perfect.

One of my favorite parts of parenting is turning events, holidays, random weekdays, in to special memories. So I filled the living room with red and pink balloons, and served the boy’s chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. They each have these little felt mailboxes that I stuffed with a new pair of shoes and a spring outfit, along with a little chocolate treat for our movie after dinner (which they just thought was the coolest thing to have their own mailbox). Emmett and I ran errands while Noah was celebrating at school, and when we went to pick him up we surprised him with a croissant. It’s seriously the little things that bring them so much joy. Afterwards we dropped in on JD at work to deliver chocolates, we ate a normal lunch, and the boys napped. The evening was slow-moving, JD came home early, and we vegged out in pajamas and consumed too many carbs while the boys watched 101 Dalmatians. Totally normal and absolutely incredible.

Also this week my nesting bug has officially kicked in, and I’ve started purging anything and everything. Earlier this week, the boys were up all night, which kept me from being able to go back to sleep, and I found myself stumbling across this article on how getting rid of stuff saved this gal’s motherhood. Naturally, I was curious, and it really spoke to me. While our house isn’t overflowing with stuff, I feel like there are things scattered everywhere all of the time – especially kid’s toys. I decided that I wanted to have a house that was ready for guests, even if only given a 10 minute warning, so the purge has begun. Along with purging all of our household items, I’ve also been consumed with one of my favorite pregnancy pastimes – scroll down to check it out!

Pregnancy Update // Pregnancy Photography // AmberLately.com

How far along: 24 weeks! (25 weeks on Friday)

Movement: Baby boy already goes with the flow. The kiddo flies under the radar when we are out running errands, but when it’s just me and him, that’s when he’s moving around. He is also constantly kicking around at 10:00 every night without fail. Interestingly enough, JD’s touch and voice has always made our boys respond. So whenever baby is moving a lot, JD can put his hand on my belly, and baby immediately stops moving and settles down. Then there are the times when I really want baby to move, and after JD talks to my belly he becomes a little wiggle monster. It’s incredibly sweet to know that babies already know and respond to their parents even in utero.

Belly button: I still have an innie! I haven’t ever actually gotten an outie, but my belly button is usually pretty flush with the rest of my belly by time it’s all said and done. It is however getting significantly more shallow.

Cravings: Lemons, lemons, oh…and more lemons. JD is constantly getting on to me for eating lemons and how it’s going to ruin my teeth, but I seriously cannot get enough. I care about my teeth, truly, but the urge to devour lemons is unreal.

Weight gain: About 10 pounds so far.

Physical changes: There is absolutely no hiding my bump now. Which means the maternity jeans and bump-hugging tops have started to make their appearance. While bending over isn’t uncomfortable yet, I’m at the point where my bump definitely makes a difference in normal day activities.

Workout: Nonexistent. At the beginning of my pregnancy I had been running regularly, but shortly after we found out we were pregnant, hand foot and mouth took over our house like a plague which made it extremely painful to walk, much less run. A few weeks later I ended up in the ER due to constant Braxton Hicks contractions. While I wasn’t put on bed rest, I was strongly advised to take it easy. I try to do some lunges and squats around the house when I can, along with some occasional trips to the gym, but as soon as I start getting contractions I tell myself to rest.

Nursery: I already have my ideas mapped out for baby’s nursery, but we haven’t taken any steps forward with putting it together. While we live in a four bedroom house, we plan to keep our spare room open for a guest room. So by the summer, we would like to move Noah and Emmett into the same room, and then baby brother will have Emmett’s room. The plan is to get the older boys their big boy beds, new bedding, etc. and then baby brother will inherit Emmett’s old bedroom furniture. Usually after we have a baby, they tend to stay in our room for about 12 weeks until they are completely sleeping through the night, so we really haven’t felt too rushed to get the transition made.

Favorite purchases and gifts: I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to have a shower for baby considering this will be our third boy. I love having an excuse to get everyone together, but I don’t want people to be like, “My goodness, how many kids are going to have??” I still decided to put together a registry with Babylist (found here) to keep up with things from different stores that I would really like to have for baby, and this way I have everything saved in one place for when I decide to splurge on gifts.

PS. If you haven’t checked out Babylist yet, it really is the perfect place to pull all of your baby registry wants into one place.

Specialist appointment update: A couple of weeks ago I shared an update from our specialist over on my Instagram account (click here to follow along). While it was confirmed at our first appointment that baby has a two-vessel umbilical cord (they are supposed to have a three-vessel cord), all of our tests have come back negative for any abnormalities. The doctor’s have done extensive ultrasounds, as well as an echo on baby’s heart to confirm that he is growing as he should be. So far he is actually measuring ahead of schedule, and all of his organs appear to be growing and functioning as they should. As for now, I’ve been cleared by our specialist to resume my routine checkups with our OB as long as they do continued ultrasounds to monitor baby’s growth. Which means, finger’s crossed, we will hopefully have a totally normal and completely boring rest of our pregnancy!

Bumpdate // Pregnancy Update // AmberLately.com

Favorite pregnancy pastime: Outside of eating and napping, my favorite pregnancy pastime would without a doubt be journaling. With every pregnancy I have purchased a different style of pregnancy journal, something that asks fun questions and let’s you write down your progress and thoughts. I love it, because eventually when my babies aren’t babies anymore, they will have a little personal piece of me that I spent my time working on while pregnant with each of them. Recently I was introduced to Polka Dot Print Shop – an incredibly cute, and customizable, modern spin on a timeless tradition. I now am able to journal our precious journey in our crazy cute baby bump book pictured above. Their stuff is so adorable that we also got a baby book customized with his name! Which I will obviously share with you guys after he has arrived. 🙂

We go back to the doctor on Monday, and that’s when they plan to check for diabetes. So I’ll be hanging out with two toddlers and chugging my orange sugary beverage while sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office – heaven help me. I’ll be sure to post on Instagram Stories what will sure to be an exciting event.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, and thank you again for all of your support through this rollercoaster of a journey! XO

In case you missed our original report from the specialist’s office: Bumpdate: 20 Weeks.

In partnership with Polka Dot Print Shop. All opinions are my own.

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