It’s day three, and I am jonesing for a cookie. I am what some would call a “stress-eater”. So, naturally, when you are trying to raise two tiny dictators in to responsible contributors of society, you tend to get tense from time to time. Enter, the sweet treat. My edible little life line.

Yesterday, my sweet tooth kicked in around nap time and I was desperate. As I was scanning my Whole30 book, two words caught my attention: cocoa powder. Considering that I do some baking every once in a while, I knew I had this precious gem stored in our pantry. I also tend to have a few bananas stashed away in the freezer. I save those for the days when I have already used up my “sugary allowance” and need to trick myself in to thinking I am consuming a sweet treat.  Hopefully, you are tracking where I am going with this. (As I type this, another light bulb just went off!) Originally, I simply sprinkled some cocoa powder on the banana and devoured it like the chocolate addict I am. Hindsight, that was such a rookie move. Now, I realize, I should have put the two together in the blender, added a little unsweetened coconut milk, and let my brain think I was indulging in a chocolate shake! As soon as we are done here, I will be pursuing this. Immediately.

After dinner that night, I continued on my cocoa powder kick, and treated myself to a bowl of chopped strawberries with the faux sweetness sprinkled on top. I was so delighted with my discovery, that I decided to add it to my coffee, in hopes of returning my caffeinated beverage to its former glory.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t wait to test my cocoa powder theory! I excitedly prepared some fried eggs with salsa and some avocado, brewed my favorite coffee, and set down to enjoy what was sure to be a delectable breakfast. Well…let me save you some experimenting – do not add cocoa powder to your coffee. I repeat. DO NOT ADD COCOA POWDER TO YOUR COFFEE. You will actually wish that your coffee was black.

Lunch was a breeze today, because my darling husband stayed up last night, preparing a batch of homemade chili. God love that man. I’m grateful that he didn’t drag me down this sugarless path and then abandoned me, leaving me to fend for myself (he knows the majority of the time I would choose to starve, rather than spend my precious free time preparing food). Since that great man already had lunch whipped up for me, I had time to put together a summer chicken protein salad. This contains shredded chicken, mashed avocado, chopped strawberries, blueberries, green onion, pecans, and some lemon juice.

For dinner, we were a little behind schedule, so we threw together what we had, and made some bun-less hamburgers with a summer salad.


Look at that salad! Thankfully, I had on hand all of the ingredients required to make a raspberry vinaigrette, otherwise, we would have just been eating bun-less, dressing-less burgers for dinner. Making the dressing was incredibly easy; and moving forward, I can honestly say, I will be making my own salad dressings. It is fresh, easy, and inexpensive.

I was full after dinner tonight – which was a nice surprise; and while I would have preferred pairing this meal with a Woodchuck Amber Cider, I survived.

My late night snack this evening: almonds. (*Please note, this did not fill the chocolatey void in my belly.)

27 days to go.

cover photo source: Health Junkies

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