With week one officially in my sugar-free rear view mirror, this foodie adventure is becoming slightly less torturous with each passing day. Although, I might be a little more cheerful if I could only have my regular sugar and cream filled coffee back.

The Whole30 did not lie when they said we were about to enter the “kill all the things” phase. This past weekend, I noticed my dear husband and I were a bit more “nitpicky”, if you will. While we try to do our best to keep a level head with one another, the past couple of days were nothing short of a few good snaps here and there. Considering that we are both currently trying to slay our rather large sugar dragon, I’ll let it slide.

Since we are a week and a half in, I am breaking the rules of ‘step five’. I am going to share an update on my health status facts after completing one week on the program. (You can find my stats from day one here.)

Day 7:

Current Weight – 114 (almost three pounds down from starting weight)

Facial Skin – Skin has started clearing up, and my dark circles are getting lighter. (To be honest, I just started using a new eye cream. I couldn’t take one more day looking at those heinous things.)

Overall Body Appearance – While my “mommy pooch” isn’t completely flat, it has significantly shrunk. I have also noticed my thighs are slimming down.

Clothes – Mama’s yoga pants are starting to look extra good!

Current Emotions – Content. A little tired, which is to be expected (according to page 35).

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, I think it is time for a little shameful truth-telling. After we started this program, I began sharing with some fellow mommies my experiences, favorite recipes, and sugar withdrawals. Who would have thought there were other ladies out there that had done their own Whole30?! What I love about mommy groups, is people are always willing to lend their support and advice. I will say that I happily greeted these mommy’s recipes.

My absolutely favorite recipe to date: Banana Egg Pancakes. These bad boys are a game changer. The Saturday I made them for my husband, he took one bite and said, “These can’t be legal.” I looked at him as though he had just shouted some terrible profanity at me.


I mean, look at those beauties! I can swear to you up and down that I used compliant foods to make these divine waffles. They were so fabulous, that I used nap time to run to Costco on a SATURDAY to buy more bananas and eggs. Yes, a Saturday. While I was out, bopping around child-free, my husband decides to send me this picture:


If only you could have seen me, standing in-between the hot dogs and potato salad (two forbidden foods). I’m not going to sugar-coat this (pun intended), I was pissed. I called JD right away and let him have it. The poor guy didn’t know what was coming – it’s not his fault, he didn’t write the book. There I was, pushing around a buggy twice my size, rambling on about how unfair this was. I mean, you take away my coffee creamer, my cheese and my wine; and now you want to take away my ingredient compliant pancakes?! I understand the psychology behind it, but give me a break. It’s like you want me to not enjoy this. While, I don’t actually count this as “cheating”, it’s definitely considered a no-no. To be fair, I hadn’t read that far in the book, and I did use all approved ingredients.

Moving on.

Throughout the week, we have tried several new recipes. My top two favorites, next to my illegal pancakes, are Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers (recipe here) and these incredible ribeye steaks that JD grilled up. We topped ours off with bacon and paired them with some cauliflower mash!


My mouth is watering just looking at this photo.

Today, however, has been my hardest day on the Whole30 (day 10). According to the book, this is statistically proven to be the time when most people quit. The “excitement” has worn off, and you are starting to notice all the foods you can’t consume. You are cranky and less patient (my poor children…); your body is also actually going through withdrawals as it learns to function without the sugar you were previously pumping to it for energy.

If it wasn’t for you guys, I probably would have thrown in the towel. But since I have broadcasted my agonizing journey for the world to see, I can’t very well give up now. That’s right, you have a big responsibility. Yes, you. You are holding me accountable as we speak!

On the plus side, I made it through the day. I wrapped my night up with a frozen banana, dipped in cashew butter, and a cup of coffee. (I have started adding cinnamon and unsweetened coconut milk to it – if not for taste, then at least for the sake of not drinking black coffee.)

20 more days to go.

cover photo source: here

6 comments on “Bye Bye Baby Weight, Hello Whole30: Did I just cheat?”

  1. Cinnamon and coconut milk?!? Do you like the combo in your coffee? I’ve been looking to cut down on my creamer and I just might start trying this!!

  2. Hey! I love reading about others trying to turn thier diet around to be healthier. I am the worst at it so it’s nice motivation!
    Have you tried honey in your coffee? Can you have honey? We started the makers diet a while back and at first all we could have in our coffee was unheated raw honey. I am all about cream and sugar in my coffee so this was hard but I got use to it once I found the right kind of coffee.
    With all the traveling we have done lately we haven’t been eating very well but after reading this I’m going to try harder! Thanks for the encouragement;)
    Good luck with your journey to a healthier you!:)

    • Kelly, thank you so much for your feedback! I’m glad you found encouragement from my post.

      I WISH I could have honey; but unfortunately, it’s a no no. That’s a great idea though!

      Thank you for support, and good luck to you too!! 🙂

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