It’s day 17. According to my handy Whole30 guide, I am transitioning into the “Tiger Blood” phase. This is apparently the “peak” of my foodie adventure (we shall see about that). Although, I would consider the “peak”, when I get to add sugar back to my coffee. Supposedly, during this phase, I should feel more energy, cheerful, even unstoppable! I’ll take that; as a mommy, I wouldn’t mind having an unlimited supply of unstoppableness (I just made that word up). This week however, the only thing my heart desires, is to lay on the couch under a pile of blankets with a Harry Potter marathon on the tube (I’ll blame the weather).

Besides my lack of energy, I will say that I am feeling more confident in my post-two-baby bod! I don’t know if I will ever look exactly the same (I think my face will now always have certain chub to it), but it is starting to look pretty darn good, considering it has practically been through war (aka pregnancy). Another plus, I’m down a total of three pounds and officially under my pre-Emmett weight. I will take that all day long!

In regards to food, I am officially over it. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy having fresh, organic foods for our meals – that part is fabulous, and I plan to continue that aspect after our thirty days is over. The part I’m over, is not being able to grab a granola bar in the morning when I’m in a rush or a bowl of ice cream after dinner. Better yet, a glass of wine once I have put our sweet babes to bed at night!

It has been a fairly uneventful week – almost boring. The no sugar, wheat or dairy is just becoming something that “I do” now…weird. We haven’t had a repeat of any dinners yet, which is nice. Looking back, I guess I was getting a little burned out on the frozen lasagna I tend to stockpile in our freezer. A couple of interesting meals we have tried over the last few days: Slower cooker chipotle pork with pineapple coleslaw, a spinach frittata, sweet potato apple hash browns, and zesty chicken bites.


 There is my easy, and super tasty spinach and tomato frittata; a great recipe if you are planning on feeding a large group. I think it would be cute idea to have a “build your own frittata bar” on Christmas morning. Essentially, you are just making a giant, flat, omelet – so just about anything could get tossed in. Line up of the bar with bowls of chopped onion, tomato, bacon, ham, FETA (oh how I miss you feta), spinach, etc. Mix it all together with some eggs, and BAM…you’ve got a frittata!


I just made these zesty chicken bites last night for dinner. They were great and simple to put together. I wouldn’t necessarily say that they compete with “real” chicken nuggets, but I definitely think these little bites will make the meal rotation. They have a nice spice to them, and pair well with marinara sauce; although, I wouldn’t have been upset if I had the opportunity to enjoy them with some ketchup. Check out the recipe here!

Over the last 17 days, I have developed some new go-to foods. My regular staples consist of bananas and cashew butter (oh em gee….cashew butter….you are so good), avocados, these interesting protein bars by RxBar, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. I think I have FINALLY found a decent alternative to my normal coffee for the remainder of the 30 days. I have started adding some unsweetened vanilla almond milk to my cafe verona – really not bad at all, but nothing truly competes with my cream and sugar.

I am also seriously starting to miss baking. I love baking. Baking is a stress-reliever, and it doesn’t hurt that my hard labor results in such delicious treats. I am really ready to get back to my sugar-filled hobby as quickly as possible! But for now, it’s dinner time, and for some odd reason, the men in my household would like to be fed. Duty calls. Plus, I’m sure you’re tired of reading my complaints…

13 more days.

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