A few months ago something extremely rare happened – I was running errands alone. Bizarre, I know. While on my journey, I had decided I would blast the radio as loud as I pleased. During said time, my solo performance was briefly interrupted with the DJ giving a suggestion on how to perform a random act of kindness. She recommended cleaning out your closet, finding old purses that were no longer being put to use, and then filling them with hygiene items, snacks, and possibly a few bucks. Once you packed them with goodies, you would keep them in your car. When you found someone in need, you would hand them the purse instead of scrapping for the loose change in your cup holder.

The intermission was quick, but the idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

I dont’t know if you can relate, but there are times throughout my day/week/month/year where I can feel the Holy Spirit rising up a conviction in my spirit; and this was definitely one of those times.

A few days after the idea was planted, I started going through my closet. I’m an habitual purger, but I did still manage to scrounge up a purse I was not using. I filled it up with some items from around the house and put it in the back of the car.

As I walked back into the house, a light bulb went off.

I had recently met Stacy Hillstead from Maxwell + Gray Studio and knew she had a heart and mission for building community among young moms. Every month, Stacy pulls together a creative and out of the box event for moms to come together with their children as a way to connect and build relationships. It’s also a fabulous excuse to get out of the house! I instantly knew we needed to make this bigger than just keeping a couple of purses in the back of our cars on the off chance we ran into someone truly in need.

Enter: Coffee + Caring.


My vision was to encourage women from all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area to clean out their closets and unite together to turn our no longer used purses into unexpected gifts for women in need.

Over the course of a month, Stacy helped to bring my passion of giving back on a much larger scale into a flawless reality. After finding the most amazing non-profit, and searching for the perfect venue, we were able to pull together over 40 purses filled with goodies and love to donate to the Genesis Women’s Shelter of Dallas.


Let’s face it, any event that incorporates coffee, donuts, and giving back is a win in my book!




 This event was truly the best way to kick off the holiday season. There is quite possibly nothing better than giving back, but when partnered with other moms who are teaching their children about the importance of community, it seriously overflows my heart with joy! Thanks to Top Pot Doughnuts and women from all over the metroplex, we were able to provide handfuls of women with unexpected, meaningful gifts during the Christmas season.

So, if I haven’t thanked you personally, THANK YOU for taking time out of your month to come together and help others in need. You have changed my life in ways you may never know!


Venue: Top Pot Doughnuts | Partnered With: Maxwell + Gray Studio | Photography: Taylor Alexandra Photo | Calligraphy: Alli K Design | Donated To: Genesis Women’s Shelter

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  1. Wow I absolutely LOVE This post! I am into fashion and trying to think of ways to give back in my community and do what I love! I am also making my first trip to Dallas at the end of this month for the fashion market..cant wait!
    Happy n y and God Bless!


  2. What an easy, yet effective way to help someone in need and do a good deed! Most of us have plenty of old purses we could fill! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Seriously, what a fabulous thing you ladies did! You are inspiring! I’d love to do something like this in Southern California, as I’ve looked into a few non-profit projects recently. Thank you for sharing your story and experience.

    • Ashleigh, thank you so much for your kind words and support! I thought it was a really fun idea, and it is something that the ladies could use daily. Glad it gave you a a little inspiration. 🙂

  4. I developed joyful goosebumps all over my body while reading this. You girls are absolute angels! I really, really love this idea for giving back. When my girls were young we spent over a decade volunteering together at a women and children’s shelter. When the girls were in high school they spent every single Sunday volunteering at a food bank distributing food and comforting the homeless in our community. Today, my oldest daughter (age 24) carries a large box of granola bars and a flat of water in her car so she can hand out a little something to people in need. If each one of us made it a priority to help out others in small or great ways each and every day, the world would be a much better place. 🙂

    • Wow…what a seriously inspiring testimony. Here I was in hopes of inspiring others, and in return, I am the one leaving inspired! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I absolutely love that your efforts and teaching of community to your children has left a long-term impression on their lives. This seriously encourages me to continue demonstrating the importance of giving to our children (even though they are only 2 and 10 months)!!

  5. THIS IS AMAZING!! WOW! It’s like one of those parties you see on Pinterest, except completely selfless, and such a good cause! I so want to do one of these! Thank you for sharing. What an incredible heart you have to give to those in need.

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