Hi, I’m Amber, and I used to be your “normal” undercover superhero stay at home mom…then I became a Blogger.

My usual day-to-day routine once consisted of chasing around babies, paying bills, making meals, and running errands. During my down time, I would read a few chapters in a new book, work on a craft project, or maybe even catch a few z’s. My mind would be quiet and peaceful as I relished in the utter silence that filled my home during nap times. Life was seemingly complete…until it wasn’t.

Being the Type A, competitive, reformed gypsy-soul that I am, “settling into a routine” has never really been my style. Once I got the hang of juggling a schedule with two under two, I began to notice that something was missing. I needed a new challenge – something to call my own, something to push me out of my comfort zone and provide me with a new drive.

Enter Blogging.

 Since I started Amber Lately, I have morphed into a Facebook-messaging, Google-searching, tweeting, internet junkie. From the moment I wake up, until I lay my head on the pillow at night, my brain is oozing with thoughts of blogging. Post titles, Instagram photos, fonts, and clever word play flood my brain every waking moment.

When my children are eating breakfast, I’m reading my blogging friend’s posts from the day before. While I am putting together puzzles with my toddler, I am jotting down ideas for a new article. In the afternoon when my kiddos are passed out in their cribs, I should be doing laundry, making a grocery list, and showering. Instead, I am editing words, rearranging my theme, and checking Google Analytics.

To say I have become obsessed, would be putting it mildly.

 Blogging has opened up my eyes to a whole new world (not to go too Aladdin on you). I used to think that people who had blogs just wrote because they were keeping online journals or were looking for a place to vent. I had no clue how much really went on behind the scenes; how many hours were spent pulling together the perfect article or how many bottles of wine were downed in the process.

So allow me to let you in on a little secret…there is more to it than you may realize.

1. Most of us aren’t getting paid.

I was blown away when I found out what some bloggers make. “You’re telling me that companies are giving you things FOR FREE just so you will write about them? People are paying you to post pictures of their products on Instagram??” Uhh…sign me up. The reality is, the majority of the bloggers you know aren’t getting paid a dime. We do what we do because we sincerely love doing it. That doesn’t mean that I would be upset if I was making a little cash flow off what I write, however, the time I spend day in and day out on C&CG is solely compensated by readers likes, shares, and comments. (Which make my day more than you could possibly imagine!)


2. Our lives are a mess.

I can’t even see my kitchen table right now. It actually serves as my “office” space. Sometimes we eat at it, and when we do, we just do a double arm sweep across the top to make enough room for our plates. There is a hamper full of laundry always on my living room floor waiting to be folded, and the bed is never made.

You might be reading this and thinking, “I don’t have a blog, and my home always looks like this.”

Well, mine was like that too before writing, but there at least used to be a few days in the month that the place was sparkling. Everything was put in its place, all of the laundry was folded away, and I could actually find what I was looking for. Not anymore.

Bloggers live and breathe their website. Any free moment we get, our fingers are more than likely glued to our keyboard, typing up some sort of verbal magic for you to read. Everything else becomes background noise, and you…yes, YOU, the reader becomes our number one priority. So in other words, you’re to blame for our messy lives.


3. We suffer from blog brain.

As I mentioned earlier, we think about writing 24/7. If I’m not thinking about what to write, I am checking my newsfeed, reading other people’s posts, or chatting away in blogging groups. It is a disease I tell you! Just ask the next blogger you meet if they know what their next post is going to be about, or if they know how many page views they have had that day. Trust me, they know.


4. Some of our closest friends are people we have never met.

I started my blog at the end of July, and I have made more friends via the internet than I have anywhere else since I’ve graduated college. I probably know more about the people on the other side of my computer screen, than I do about some of my relatives. The world of blogging is like an online sorority, filled with bloggy sisters just waiting for you to befriend. I love my little online community so much that I want to host a giant sleepover somewhere just so we can all hang out. Seriously…how cool would that be??

“Bye, honey! I’m going to New York for a blogging conference.” (AKA wildly awesome slumber party.)


5. Nerves set in every time we hit published.

I can honestly say that I get butterflies every single time I hit the publish button. While there have been a few posts that have slipped out that may not have had my full heart and soul in them (you’ll know which ones they are when you read them), most of the time I’ve slaved over a post for countless hours. The last thing I want is for a reader to see a post and think, “Dumb.” I want you to enjoy reading the new things that I publish on my site. Posting a new article, feature, or recipe has somehow or another played a role in my life, and I enjoy sharing these things with you guys; so the thought that you might reject it can be extremely intimidating.


6. We care about what you think.

Please refer to the above. While I can’t speak for every blogger in the history of blogging, I feel pretty confident in saying that we care about you think. Each and every blogger has a story as to how they got started, but I guarantee the readers are why the keep on the grind. We adore all of our followers, and we genuinely care about what you think of us and what we write.


7. We’re unintentional night owls.

As I’m working on this post, it’s currently 10:14pm. I sat down and started working around 8:50pm after I finished nursing my youngest; and chances are, I’m going to be up until midnight editing out all of the details. Interestingly enough, I won’t even know how late it is until I check the clock during a bathroom break. That’s because I’m passionate about what I do.


8. Talking about our Google Analytics is like posting our salary.

Don’t ask a blogger about their Google Analytics unless they volunteer the information. Talking blog stats is like comparing salaries. I may get more page views than some, but I also don’t get near as many as others. Let me live in the reality that I’m awesome!


9. We network 24/7.

Did you know that there are blog networking groups on Facebook? I didn’t. At least, not until I really decided to start hardcore blogging. These groups are filled with all kinds of people. People asking for tips and advice, people with questions about technical issues, links for people to meet other people. It’s wild. While you’re binge watching your latest favorite drama on Netflix, we are chatting with another writers, reading blogs, and shooting off emails to publishing sites.


10. We LOVE support.

Every time you like something we post, you comment on an article, or you share what we have published, it makes everything we do all worth it! We read every message you send us, every word you type, and like we receive. Our reader’s support means more to us than you know, and without it, our blogs wouldn’t be successful. We absolutely LOVE you and we LOVE LOVE LOVE your support!!!

So now that you know my blogging confessions, what are yours?? Leave them in the comments below!

113 comments on “Confessions of a Blogger.”

  1. OMG…you hit it right on the nose with everyone of these confessions! Our houses are a mess..but our Pinterest accounts are beautiful 😉 Haha! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  2. Yep. I can relate to much of this. I’ve told myself things are going to be different next year and I’m going to focus more on other things outside my blog. I’ve told myself I’m going to make a plan, write it down and stick to it. But no…I’m here…on your blog…which I found through a blogger’s Facebook group. HA!

  3. This is so true about bloggers and I can totally understand. My husband thinks I am weird but some of my really good friends are those I have never met. Thank you for putting a smile on my face as I read it totally understanding everything you are saying!

  4. I loved this post!
    Although I do make a small income each month from blogging its not enough to pay the bills so thus I just gotta keep on keeping on at my day job.

    xoxo, Jenny

  5. Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS post!!!! Favorite, save, like, share, etc. This is so spot on and true! I can so relate to all of it, it becomes an obsession but in a good way!

  6. Haha! So much truth in your words 😂😂😂 I think sometimes we share a brain. I’m linking to an article I wrote about Mom bloggers-
    We hit so many of the same points. And I’m so thankful to blogging for introducing me to so many wonderful friends (kinda like you, missy!)

  7. If people only knew that I suffer from blog brain! It is hard to not be thinking about my next recipe! At the same time, that is my favorite part – brainstorming what I’ll come up with next! It’s nice to know that we are all in the same boat!

  8. “3. We suffer from blog brain.”

    Finally a term to use for this! I have always got blog brain and sometimes I’m like- need to calm down it is just a blog, but I never do haha. Great post- all of it is so true. Sarah T x

  9. Loved this post. I started a blog two years ago with hopes to make some side money. I haven’t been able to keep up with spending as much time as I’d like to generate a high traffic rate. But I continue to blog because I love it. I can share stories, connect with a supportive community, and have fun.

  10. That was a really good read! I’m not in it for the money that’s for sure, but I do love the support and love that pours in from other bloggers. I have teenagers and I can’t really imagine doing it with littles like so many of you do, but then again, my little kids would let me write about them and take pictures of them – not so with my guys.

    • Thanks, Kim! Gosh, I’m sure it is. A few months ago I switched to self-hosted and needed a new theme and whatnot…it took up so much time, and I still don’t have everything complete!

  11. Great post. I’m just getting started with the blogging thing and so many of your comments already ring true. At least now I have a more legit reason for my messy house

  12. This is literally my favorite post of the day! I was smiling and nodding my head as I was reading it. It truly is a perfect snapshot of our lives as bloggers. I find comfort in knowing there are others around us who completely understand what it is we do and why we do it. 🙂

    • Well I’m glad you liked it! I honestly had no idea what really went on behind the scenes before I started blogging, so I just think it’s fun to shed some light on what we REALLY do! 🙂

  13. I agree with everything you listed! I just started blogging a month and half ago and already I feel my life is being consumed by blogging. I don’t mind it at all because I love it!! However, my toddler daughter doesn’t love it as much. It is hard to find a balance and set a routine up when my mind is always bloggy. 😉

  14. All of these are SO TRUE…. I definitely suffer from “blog brain.” And BTW, I will go to a blogging conference with you ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Cheers!

  15. Well, let’s just say since it is now 11:55 p.m. and I’m reading your post that I’m in agreement. Thanks for putting into words what it’s like to blog. I loved this post!

  16. I could have written that beginning- word for word my life! Type A competitive turned gypsy soul mama who was wondering what was missing to feel…connected 🙂 Great post! 🙂 And yes- please plan that giant slumber party! 🙂

  17. Oh my goodness!! What a relief! I thought I was just having severe pregnancy insomnia, but now I know it’s topped with my blogging addiction. I just started… I’m sad to know I won’t be sleeping any time soon! Haha!

  18. Absolutely love this and sharing! I’ve been thinking about giving up on blogging because I don’t get feedback from my readers and it drives me INSANE, but then I just keep thinking about all the new blog ideas I want to post. #bloggerlife

  19. great post! I love the we love support part! We all need support. This industry is so tough to brake into. Some times I feel like I’m wasting my time so much. But I really love saharing also. It’s so complicated. Yes, our life is a mess lol!



    • 1. Love the name of your blog.
      2. I feel like I’m wasting my time ALL the time. I always wonder if I’m making a difference or if people really care; so sharing definitely makes my day!!

    • Yes, Marielle! My husband is always saying, “You always start stuff and never finish it!” Well..that’s because I have two kids and then a blog baby that I’m trying to nurture.

  20. Hello Amber,

    I enjoyed reading your post. Especially because of the fun way you write. If you’re passionate about blogging and making money isn’t the focus, yes blogging is fun. But if the focus is to create a full time income with it like it is in my case there will be many days blogging will feel like too much work. And wouldn’t feel so fun. I have those days. But for most of the time I enjoy blogging especially the part that has to do with writing. That’s what I’ve always enjoyed most about it. The promotion part bores me. But I have different things motivating me in this field. Such as generating passive incomes now that I am still single and have all my time to myself so that by the time I get married and have kids like you do I can earn an income without having to leave my kids all day and can work from home for only an hour or two or not work at all on some days and still earn.

    I do what I do today for the life I want to live tomorrow. But will I still be blogging if I couldn’t make money from it? Definitely. And I am sure I would enjoy it more that way without the pressure to earn.

    All the best Amber.

  21. We could be the same person I swear. About half way through mat leave, I started craving the me thing I’ve been looking for since I left a career in the arts. Blogging lets me be creative and analytical all at once, and even though I only have about 200 followers, I’ll never give it up. It’s mine, and it’s sacred. Great post!

  22. SO TRUE! I started blogging in June and never realized how time consuming it would be nor how addicting it would be. Yet I love it. I honestly love having a passion outside of mothering. Talking to toddlers all day wears on you year after year. Being able to stay home with my children and still have a passion all my own has been awesome! I agree that most people just have no idea until they start!

  23. Love this post and I think so many of us resonate with what you wrote. I just started blogging regularly in September 2015 and have fallen InLOVE with this new addition. I’m excited to join this community and make new friends!

  24. I love this! I am not a hardcore blogger (yet?) but I love writing posts in hopes that someone will read and resonate with, maybe even be comforted by, what I wrote and feel like they’re not alone. And I agree, the world of bloggers is the greatest group of people you could ever ‘meet’. In my blogger group, I asked for ‘likes’ on my struggling, new FB page and within two days, the likes on my page nearly doubled!

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