Easter is a little over a week away and I’ve been busy making mini treat baskets for Noah’s class, planning egg hunts, and stocking up on goodies for the boy’s Easter baskets.

I’m either crazy or nesting…definitely one of the two.

Truthfully, when it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day or Easter, I prefer to surprise the kids with practical items. We don’t usually go over the top with gifts, so I like to stuff their baskets with goodies they need along with a couple of fun smaller outdoor items. So I’m rounding out some of my favorite finds and sharing a little Easier basket inspiration. Enjoy!

CUTE Easter Basket Ideas for Toddler Boys!

1. Rain Coat // 2. Bubbles // 3. Easter Cat Book // 4. Bunny Shorts // 5. Festive Sweater // 6. Fresh Undies // 7. Rain Boots (similar) // 8. Pool Toys  // 9. Bunny Oxford // 10. Wooden Cars // 11. Spring Pajamas

Gap and Old Navy have been having a sale almost everyday it seems like, so I’ve been revisiting their website regularly to get the boy’s closets spring ready. Unfortunately, sometimes when the clothes arrive, they are so dang cute that I end up dressing Noah and Emmett immediately instead of saving the clothes for their baskets. There are a couple of items, however, like the rain coat and boots that I’ve been able to resist on, because it’s not something we use daily.

The other fillers I chose this year were some new pool toys, sidewalk chalk from the dollar section at Target, new undies (we just started potty training Emmett two weeks ago, so he’s just about ready to wear some underpants), a few books, and then these cute little planters that they can grow a plant in. I was super excited about the little planters, because not only did I find them in the dollar section at Target, but the boys love playing in the dirt, so I thought that would be a fun activity to do one afternoon.

As far as the baskets we use, I really like the monogrammed liners from Pottery Barn Kids. The baskets are actually crazy big, so there is plenty of room for Easter goodies.

I would also love to hear what you guys typically like to do for Easter, as I’m always looking for fun and creative ideas! Feel free to leave some inspiration in the comments below.

Happy Weekend, friends!! XO

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