Every mom is going to have their favorite products that they use for their baby, and I am no exception. There are certain brands that I have been loyal to since Noah was born, and others that I have just recently come to know and love. And since every baby is different, what works for mine, might not work for yours. But that’s why I like to share what I love, because some of my most favorite products have come from other mamas sharing their favorites with me. So here are my current top nine favorite products for the newborn phase.

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Baby Bjorn // I actually have four different carriers/wraps. I really enjoy using my WildBird sling or Boba Wrap, because it keeps baby snug and feeling comfortable. Unfortunately, I tend to get warm when I use them, and seeing as it’s summertime, they aren’t my first choice. JD and I both love using the Baby Bjorn when they are smaller, because it’s incredibly easy and quick to put on. You’re also not covered in fabric, so it’s extremely breathable for you and baby. We also have a Lillebaby carrier that can be used with toddlers, but I just haven’t taken the time to figure that one out yet. We bought it for our trip to New York this last December to use with Emmett, but we ended up attaching him to his backpack leash most of the time.

Seventh Generation Wipes // We have been a faithful Pampers user for the last three and half years. However, Graham has decided to throw us multiple curve balls since his arrival, and one of them is crazy sensitive skin. While I am a fan of researching and like to use the cleanest products on my kiddos, I didn’t really apply it to wipes (they wipe poop off of my kid’s butt for crying out loud). About a week after having Graham home, he started getting terrible diaper rash, and since JD had a diaper party, we had a ton of diapers and wipes stored away. After I ran through my first package of Pampers, I decided to try the Happy Little Camper wipes we received. The Happy Little Camper wipes have no alcohol, parabens, or fragrance, and didn’t make Graham cry when I used them. So when I ran out I went to Target to get more, but couldn’t find the brand, so I decided to give Seventh Generation a try. Let’s just say they are amazing! So if your baby has sensitive skin, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Little Unicorn Swaddles // I’m sure there are a ton of great swaddles out there, but the Little Unicorn swaddles are softer than soft. I use them daily for nap time, and they are light enough to carry around in the diaper bag.

Pacifier Clip // Anything that keeps me from having to use my super cat-like reflexes to catch a falling paci is a win in my book. I really love the ones from Loulou LOLLIPOP and Klipz n Threads. Both brands are made from natural wood and silicone, and are perfectly okay for baby to use as a teether.

Puj Tub // We used to have one those soft flower tubs for the sink, but it was such a pain to deal with. Some of my friends recommended the Puj Tub, and so I ended up borrowing one from our neighbor. I fell in love with it the first time we used it. It’s insanely simple to use, provides good support for a newborn, and is easy to wipe down, clean, and store.

Sound Machine // I currently keep this sound machine attached to the pack-n-play in our living room. It’s a great way to drowned out sound while the boys are playing during the day in same room. It holds a charge for a long time, has different sound options, and can be clipped on to anything. We will definitely use this on trips and long car rides!

SheaMoisture Ointment // Along with the Seventh Generation wipes, this ointment is a game changer when it comes to diaper rash. Just a little tip, our pediatrician told us to always use a petroleum jelly type ointment over a diaper rash cream that is white (zinc oxide based). I am unsure of the science behind it, so I’m not going to give a long drawn out explanation, however when we switched from the zinc oxide based ointment to strictly using the SheaMoisture, we started seeing immediate improvement.

DockATot // If you missed my post earlier this week about Life with Three Boys and a DockATot, then you missed how I professed my undying love for this product. It truly is a magical invention that brings great sleep.

Activity Mat // I love this mat from Land of Nod! It’s incredibly soft, has great colors and textures, and will be easy to use as a learning tool when Graham is older.

So what are some baby products that you can’t live without?? I’m always looking for anything that makes life easier, so feel free to share your favorites in the comments below! XO

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