I am…

I am an alarm clock.
I am breakfast in the morning.
I am warm snuggles and cartoons.
I am a holder of hands.
I am a listener of stories and a reader of books.
I am kisses on the forehead.
I am a sippy cup of cold water.
I am knotted shoe laces.
I am fresh clean clothes and spit up stains.
I am a belly laugh.
I am a safe haven.
I am words of praise.
I am a loud song.
I am freshly baked cookies in the afternoon.
I am the calmer of fears.
I am a used Kleenex.
I am a squishy lap.
I am a cozy blanket and comfortable bed.
I am a grocery list.
I am a bear hug.
I am an extra change of clothes.
I am a rocking chair.
I am the magic in healing boo-boos.
I am a surprise sweet treat.
I am grass stains and t-ball.
I am the late hours in the night.
I am a dose of medicine.
I am mix-matched clothes.
I am silly dance moves.
I am the peeka and the boo.
I am extra bubbles in the bath.
I am footed pajamas.
I am messy hair.
I am piles of laundry.
I am a worn out teddy bear.
I am freshly ground coffee and a bottle of wine.
I am a Netflix binge.
I am an old t-shirt.
I am a pat on the back.
I am the extra mile.
I am goals and achievement.
I am big dreams.
I am encouragement.


I am Mom.

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16 comments on “I Am Mom”

  1. This is so well written, moving and beautiful! Being a Mom is such an important job. Even though my girls are both young adults and their mothering needs have changed, they still look to me for advice, for sharing their thoughts, and for active participation in their incredible lives as new adults. As mothers we will forever be our children’s source of encouragement and their biggest cheerleaders!

    • Gosh, Denay, I cannot even imagine what it is like to have babies that aren’t really babies anymore. I feel like every season with our kids gets better and more exciting, but it is definitely bittersweet.

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