In a day and age where the normal pace of life is best described as warp speed, it’s no wonder why we feel like taking a break is completely out of the question.

As millennial moms, we enroll our children in things like music class and swim lessons, we whip out Pinterest crafts monthly, and somehow manage to make time to blog, Instagram, and Facebook all of the endeavors in-between. We are a generation filled with go-getters and momtrepreneurs who refuse to sacrifice our heart’s desires. We don’t give in to things like mom jeans or main-stream mommy methods, and we’ve also been known to rock the latest fashion all while multitasking meal times and playdates.

To say we are total bosses is putting it mildly.

On the flip side, we run ourselves into the ground. The characteristics that makes us Momstars, are also what leaves us physically exhausted and mentally drained. It’s almost like we don’t know what an off switch is.

We run on minimal sleep, drink way too much coffee, and are typically stretched in more directions than we can count. Unfortunately, all of that caffeine and lack of rest eventually catches up to us and we are faced with the hard reality that we either take a break voluntarily or our body will have no choice but to shut down all together.

The crazy thing is, when we do take a moment for ourselves to either catch a nap or watch some quality trash TV, we are somehow left feeling guilty – as if the world will collapse if we aren’t there holding it up with our perfectly laundered yoga pants.

Well ladies, I have discovered some mind-blowing information these past couple of weeks that will totally rock your world: THE EARTH WILL NOT SPIN OFF ITS AXIS IF YOU TAKE TIME TO REST. 

…in fact, it will probably thank you, because let’s face it, everyone is a lot nicer when they are recharged.

But seriously, I am no exception to the rule when it comes to feeling a pang of irresponsibility if I decide to prop my feet up during my kiddo’s nap time instead of folding the clothes (that have been sitting in the basket for almost a week) or working on my blog. However, in the weeks leading up to Christmas I started to notice my brain was slowly losing its fuel and focus – all of a sudden I was forced to really evaluate how I was spending my time. Long story short, I couldn’t tell you where my days were going or what I was accomplishing. Sure I was pumping out blog posts twice a week, running errands, and taking an occasional shower, but what was I REALLY filling my days with?

After talking to my husband and a couple of close girlfriends, I decided it was time to throw in the towel and retreat to the basics.

No Blogging.

For the majority of the last week and a half, my computer has remained closed – except for the occasional late night online shopping extravaganza of course. While I absolutely love blogging, it requires a lot of my time and focus, and I feel like this is a safe space to confess that sometimes my online world chips away at my undivided attention from my family. That’s why when I’m needing to feel recharged, it only makes sense to cut out the biggest “unnecessary” piece of the puzzle.

Don’t get it twisted, blogging is 100% vital to my sanity, but it definitely takes a backseat to my husband and kids; and when I can’t give them the wife and mom they deserve, it’s time to refocus.



6 out of the 7 nights of the week I am up until midnight or later. At some point I get up at least once, whether it be to go to the bathroom or check on one of the kids – rarely is my brief snooze uninterrupted. Which is precisely why over the Christmas break, I went to sleep whenever I felt like it. I didn’t stay up working on a new post (cough, right now), picking up the house, or watching TV until my eyes fell out of my head; I just slept. It was wonderful.


We went on adventures.

We are usually a very busy family and typically have most of our days mapped out, but as soon as JD took off work I threw all plans out the window and we spontaneously spent our days. We went on random afternoon walks, drove around the neighborhood whenever our toddler asked to see Christmas lights, and checked out ICE at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine. While some adventures didn’t go as smoothly as hoped, we made some seriously awesome memories. Truth be told, I can recall more fun experiences in the last 10 days than I can over the last couple of months. Something about intentionally focusing on my loved ones has left me in one incredible mood.


We spent time with family.

This one may seem fairly obvious considering the fact that it was the holidays, but for the first time in a while we truly concentrated on the people in front of us and not on our phones. It was absolutely refreshing! We laughed so much, talked for hours, and our hearts were left feeling full.


I reconnected with my husband.

I will be the first to admit that by the time we get the kids to bed, I just want to sit and not move or talk. I immediately get on my phone, scroll through my newsfeed and inbox, slowly allowing my brain to unravel. These last few weeks however, we have picked up our old habit of popping in a movie and pulling out a board game. Thankfully, Santa happened to drop off quite a few games under our tree this year, so I see many more nights of gaming in our future.

Now that our much needed staycation is coming to a close, I have definitely been reminded that it is without a doubt okay to take a break from time to time. After all, what’s living if you aren’t enjoying it? So if you find yourself feeling burned out or struggling to be productive, then consider this your get out of jail free card. It’s time to take a break!

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  1. One of the best yet! I’ve been feeling the exact same way. Sometimes I wonder if blogging is the right thing because I do devote so much attention to it. Is it becoming an idol instead of a hobby! You’re the best- you say why I feel so well! Love you! You’re doing a great job- EVERYWHERE! 😘😘😘😘

    • YESSSS Kate…that is the perfect term for it. It has definitely had it’s time when it has become an idol. JD and I are actually taking this month to focus on fasting and and getting in the Word to get our attention back on track. I will definitely still be blogging, but taking a new approach to how I’m doing things and what’s really important.

      Ps. You’re the best! Love you!

  2. As we grow older, and have our own children, we begin to see all the behind the scenes things our moms did as we start being “the man behind the curtain”. Always remember: It doesn’t matter if your house is spotless as long as your children are happy. Laundry can wait…the soccer game or swim class can’t. Time is short. One day (too soon) you’ll miss those tiny hand prints on the windows and fridge. And take care of you. Cherish the chaos and the quiet.
    Love you.

  3. It sounds wonderful. I need a few days like this, and guess what it’s easier than I think to have it. It takes commitment. I also love your use of “Momstars”

  4. My husband (who has off this week…I do not) forced me to sit on the couch last night and read. It was very nice, even though the messy house was driving me nuts. I was able to forget about it after a few minutes.

    • YESSSS…It’s not exactly “taking a break”, but I’ve started keeping a book in the car, so when my husband is driving, I can pull it out and read it. I love it!

  5. Breaks are absolutely crucial to a health mind and body. But may I suggested you go to bed before midnight on a regular basis. Studies show that you don’t get the same detoxifying effects of sleep after 1 p.m. You need early sleep for a health mind.

  6. I totally know what you mean. The other night I found myself with a rare free evening, and I took a nap and watched TV and then felt so guilty because I didn’t “accomplish” anything. But I do think having that downtime and knowing that you deserve it is very important.

  7. This post says everything my heart has been feeling lately and everything i’ve been preaching to my girlfriends. I relate to this so much. My son left the day after Christmas to go out of town with his Mimi and Pa, while i’ve missed him like crazy, it’s safe to say that it’s definitely been great for my hubby & I. We’ve enjoyed our evenings together, in the quiet and i’ve found the time to relax during the days. I feel so much better now that i’ve had that quality “ME” time & quality time with my hubby. I can’t wait for our son to get home so we can have quality family time now!

    • Leslie, I’m so glad that you were able to get some alone time with your hubby. It is so crazy important, and probably one of the things that happens the least. Hope you are getting in some awesome family time! 🙂

  8. This is such a GREAT post! I totally understand getting overwhelmed in THINGS I HAVE TO DO, and I lose sight of those REALLY important things, and the things that make me happy. We put so much pressure on ourselves, and layer on so much unnecessary responsibility, and it makes life tough.. tough to feel like we are keeping up! I appreciate this post so much! I hope you have a wonderful NYE weekend!

    • Thank you so much!! It’s crazy how I work on a post, like this one, get nervous about sharing it (because I’m afraid no one will be able to relate), and then receive such awesome feedback. It’s great to know that I’m not alone. Hope you had a great New Years!

  9. I can relate. I think most people with “Type A” personalities have a hard time taking that proverbial chill pill. I feel guilty if I’m not doing something, even though it’s not necessarily productive. As a blogger, it’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of spending too much time stressing about blog traffic, responding to comments, engaging with other bloggers, and whipping up a blog post. I took time off this week and feel a lot better for it. I’ll share this on my Facebook page in the next couple days. Cheers Amber, and Happy New Year!

  10. I often feel guilty when I allow myself to catch up on rest, shut the computer down, or stay in on the weekends. It is the moments when I let that guilt go, especially when I desperately need the rest, do I feel a true sense of glory! It is a joy to hear that you were able to connect with what mattered most to you in those very moments!

  11. I love this. Ever since my mental health breakdown freshman year of college, I have to remind myself to stop and take care of myself and slow down.

  12. Hey! I wanted to start by saying I that I am in about 10 blogger groups and I dont often get to check out as many posts as I’d like but when I saw this title I had to read it I felt like you were talking to me. I don’t even have kids but between my daytime job in my blog. Family dating friends I always go go go hit, every year around this time my body hit the wall and I usually get a sinus infection or cold just from exhaustion. So often we forget to take breaks. But the truth is taking one can be just as productive as not taking one actually more productive. I was so excited to have New Year’s day off cuz I could work and get some things done for my blog and ecourse I’m working on but after reading this I think I may just take the day that watching Netflix and chill by myself. I need to recharge and I know all the work will still be there when I am recharged. Thanks for posting this

  13. I feel that way once in a while. Blogging does take quite a bit of time but I also have a day job, take care of my family, house, and other hobbies too. Taking breaks are great just so I can in inspired all over again.

  14. Girl I need to keep reminding myself of this! I love taking breaks! I need it sometimes – I’ve got a crazy kid, and another on the way… I deserve some time off right?

    • You DEFINITELY deserve to take a break!! It is so hard to just commit and do it, but once I do decide to take a break, it is truly magical…motherhood magic. 🙂

  15. Glad I am not the only one who blogs for my sanity. But shutting the computer is a foreign concept lol. My husband could not handle that, he is a gamer and games until at least 1 every night over the holidays. Sleep is a joke though, I am lucky if I get 5 hours, my goal for the next two days while MIL is here, get more sleep!

  16. Amber, bravo! Taking time for you and and family is exactly what we need to do. Unplug for crying out loud. Today everyone is so caught up in trying to stay current and at the moment. We need to be “in” the moment. Sleep, nap, play, laugh, relax all of it. Everything will still be there when we return to this world of social climbing. I love it. Happy New Year my blog friend and fellow mom 🙂

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