Guys, how on earth is it already the end of the year?? I swear it feels like we were just in the hospital having Graham, and now all of sudden we are pulling our Christmas decorations down from the attic. So it is only fitting that this month’s Let’s Be Honest Mamas theme, hosted by Kacie Ellis from Elements of Ellis, is family traditions!

Super cute Christmas family photo shoot | Christmas picture outfitsSuper cute Christmas family photo shoot | Christmas picture outfits

Super cute Christmas family photo shoot | Christmas picture outfits

Super cute Christmas family photo shoot | Christmas picture outfits

1 // What do family traditions mean to you? Why are they important to you? 

Family traditions are important to me, because outside of your faith, they are what you build your family on. They are what brings your family together, creating lasting memories and incredible bonds. I feel like when you can create traditions with your family, you are showing the people who you love the most that they are important.

2 // What are some of your holiday family tradition?

Ever since childhood I would get a new Christmas ornament every year. Usually my mom would surprise me with the ornament, and it was something I really looked forward to. We kept the tradition, but tailored it to fit our family. Now we make a big deal about going together where we can each pick out our own ornament.

Another fun tradition our family does every Fall, is create a bucket list. The last quarter of the year is insanely busy, and it’s easy to get caught up in everything that is going on that you forget to stop and really enjoy the season as a family. Putting together a bucket list inspires us to make time and get the most out the season. Things you can typically find on our list would be baking cookies, visiting a pumpkin patch, donating to the food bank, and watching a festive movie.

Something we also started doing with the boy’s a couple of years ago, is we load up after dinner and drive around looking at Christmas lights. It’s such a simple tradition, and yet it’s something we all look forward to.

But by far, my absolute favorite tradition is one that JD and I reserve for ourselves. On Thanksgiving night, we usually have my mother-in-law watch the boys, and that’s when JD and I will sneak out and go to a late night movie. Afterwards we will do a little Black Friday shopping for fun, and it’s also the one time a year that we are guaranteed a full night’s rest!

3 // Family traditions don’t just have to be holiday based…what are your daily/weekly family traditions?

While we don’t have a specific time or date that we do it, one of my favorite traditions with the boys is having old-fashioned movie nights. We order pizza, we pop popcorn, and we all snuggle up on a pallet on the floor. It’s those kind of traditions that I hope stick with the boys forever. Something that I hope they always look forward to, and look back on as some of their favorite times spent together as a family.

Another one of my favorite traditions that JD and I started on our honeymoon, is collecting coffee mugs. Since we are both lovers of coffee and travel, we buy a mug from all the places we have traveled to. It’s so fun waking up and picking a different coffee mug – it’s like briefly venturing back to that place. You can so clearly recall all the memories.

4 // Share your tips for creating strong family traditions.  

My number one tip for creating strong family traditions would definitely be, find something your family is passionate about. For example, we live donating every year to our local food bank. We feel strongly about helping out within our community, and donating to the food bank is something we can easily do together as a family, and helps to teach our kids the importance of giving generously.

5 // Tell us something positive you have seen come out of making an effort to have family traditions/family time?

Joy. Things are definitely hectic with three kids, ages three and under, but when we stick with the traditions we have decided to create as a family, it never fails that the result is always joy.

So what are some of your favorite family traditions? Leave them in the comments below! I like hearing about what other people do around the holidays, because you may find something you love that can be tailored to fit your own family. And when you’re done sharing, head on over to these other mama’s blogs and check out the sweet ways they celebrate with their loved ones! xo

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  1. I totally forgot to include the ornament tradition in my post but it’s something my mom does and that we’ve started doing too. My mom gives us each a new ornament on Thanksgiving. And then my sister and I buy a themed ornament for each others kids (We buy my niece angel ornaments and my nephew outdoorsy ones). I love that you guys all pick out your own! And I’m loving your thanksgiving night tradition! I think we need to make that a tradition in our house too!

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