Happy February, friends!! I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last posted anything. I have been working hard on getting our entire house uncluttered and simplified so that we can start functioning more efficiently, as well as have a peaceful environment for us to simply rest in. And before I knew it, a month had passed! But after taking a break from social media and focusing on our living environment, I am so excited that the Let’s Be Honest Mamas series, hosted by Kacie Ellis, is back from holiday; and this month’s panel is all about surviving cold and flu season with little ones!

How to beat cold and flu season!

How to beat cold and flu season!

How to beat cold and flu season!

How to beat cold and flu season!

How to beat cold and flu season!

How to beat cold and flu season!

1 // Nobody wants their child to catch the cold or flu. Do you have any tips or tricks for preventing the flu from hitting your house?

I don’t know if I would necessarily call them “tricks” rather than our best practices. Personally, we all get the flu vaccine every year. Ever since I was little my mom has made us get our flu shot, and every year I hated it. So one year in college, I decided, “I’m an adult, I don’t need to get a flu shot!” Well, that year I got the flu…twice. Now I get it as soon as possible, and I haven’t had the flu since.

Outside of us getting our flu shots, I carry sanitizer and disinfectant wipes religiously. That doesn’t mean that we don’t get colds. Especially since this is Emmett’s first year at school, he has been down with some sort of cold regularly, but we do our best to wash hands or sanitize when I pick them up from school, we change their clothes when they get home, and I try to wipe down germ-ridden services daily. We are also big fans of making sure the boys are getting a proper diet. While they definitely have some processed sugar from time to time, we work on getting veggies in their belly daily, and do our best to serve different healthy options with each meal.

2 // Some parents rush their children to the doctor at the first sign of being sick or injured, while others choose to take care of the situation at home. Which category do you fall into and when do you know it’s time to see a doctor?

Before having a new baby in the house, I rarely would take the kids to the doctor unless they had a fever. Even now, with having Graham in the house, we don’t physically go in to the doctor’s office unless one of them has had a fever repeatedly over the course of a day or two. Kid’s get sick – they get coughs and runny noses. We would live in the doctor’s office I took them in any time one of them had some congestion. On the flip side, I also have an amazing Pediatrician. Her office has a patient portal, so I can always shoot her a quick email if I have a random question about something. Then we can decide if it makes sense to bring the boys in or not.

3 // What are some natural remedies that you use to help your child feel better when he/she comes down with the flu/cold.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve really been getting in to oils. It started when my milk supply tanked, and so a woman I go to church with made me a special blend to help boost my production. It has been a life changing addition to my breastfeeding routine.

After taking the plunge with the oils there, I wanted to start incorporating them in to other areas of my life. And being right in the middle of cold and flu season, it seemed like the perfect time to utilize their health benefits and healing properties.

Another natural remedy we have just started trying out is elderberry syrup. About a month ago, I kept seeing posts all over social media about elderberry syrup. I seriously just thought it was some expensive syrup fad, until one of my friends started making her own. I joined her Facebook group, Well Stuff, so I could get some more information. Turns out there are all kinds of benefits to elderberry syrup. The boys aren’t totally crazy about the taste, but I take it and have managed to go unscathed by this crazy cold season we are in. I also love that it is made from all natural ingredients with no added sugar. If you’re a Fort Worth local, I would definitely recommend checking her out!

4 // Are you an advocate for the flu vaccine or do you choose to skip it? Why?

I already kind of answered that in the first question, but I am definitely an advocate for the vaccine, just like I am for all vaccines. The boys have been on a regular vaccination schedule since they were born, and we will follow that accordingly. That’s just what works best for our family, and we have had zero issues with it. While I don’t think we have to medicate our kids over every little thing, I am absolutely for modern medicine, and protecting my kids from illnesses that could have otherwise been avoided.

5 // For solidarity, share your worse flu story. Have you been thrown up on? Did one flu bug cycle through your entire family causing you to have weeks of taking of a sick child (or husband)? Let all the moms reading this know they’re not alone in the struggles of taking care of sick children.

Thankfully, we have been able to avoid the flu altogether since the boys have been born. As I mentioned, I have only encountered the flu one year, and happened to get it twice that year. It was HORRIBLE. I remember that JD and I were dating, and I told him I thought I was going to die. Maybe that was a little dramatic of me, but it was seriously one of the worst experiences health wise that I have had to deal with. Between the throwing up around the clock, and the body aches that keep you in constant pain, ugh…I never want to experience that again!

Now that I’ve shared what we do in our family, I would LOVE to hear your tips and tricks for cold and flu season. I’m looking for natural products that I can use around the house to help keep it clean and safe for the kids, as well as awesome oil blends. Drop your favorite products and oil blends in the comments below so I can give them a try! Then, head on over to the rest of the panel’s blogs to see how they manage illness in their house. xo

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  1. Im so glad yall have been able to avoid it sine having the boys! And I can’t wait to start using elderberry syrup!

  2. I love that I’ve been reading that we all use elderberry syrup! Haha that stuff is pretty powerful! And I love your approach to doctor visits, etc. Kids get sick and sometimes we just have to let their bodies do their thing! xx

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