I’m posting this a few weeks late, because the last two months have been down right BUSY. School has started for the older boys, we’ve been completely redecorating Noah and Emmett’s shared bedroom, the holidays are starting up, and I have also decided that this is the absolute best time to do an entire house purge. Ya know, normal stuff.

Honestly, I’m still fully adjusting to having life with three kids ages three and under. It’s a bit more hectic than I thought it would be, but we are slowly getting the hang of it and I feel like we are finally starting to fall in to a bit of a routine.

Monthly Baby Update
Monthly Baby Update

Monthly Baby UpdateMonthly Baby Update

Biggest Changes

Overall, I would say the biggest change is definitely how active Graham is. He is finally at a stage where he doesn’t mind not being held 24/7, so he really enjoys exploring his ExerSaucer, and playing around on his activity mat. He is also grabbing EVERYTHING! He has become super talkative, so I chit chat with him when we are running errands, and try to explain to him what we are doing – I’m sure people think I am crazy when they see me walking around the store having a one-sided conversation with a baby. Haha.

Our Schedule

Noah and Emmett returned to school at the beginning of September, so whatever schedule we had started to create, is now a distant memory. Because we live 30 minutes from the boy’s school, and since they are only there for 3.5 hours, it doesn’t make sense for me to drive home to be here for an hour and then turn back to get them. So Graham definitely doesn’t get a normal morning nap those days. I feel terrible, but everyone says that the third learns to adapt to your routine and you just go with it.

We also made an adjustment to how frequently I nurse Graham. I was working on getting him to a four hour nursing schedule, which is what I did with the other two boys, but Graham is overall a smaller baby and has different needs. I now nurse him every three hours, and have noticed his growth taking off, as well as seeing improvement in his sleep at night. (It’s so true, no two kids are alike!)

Daily Baby Products

Baby Bjorn //  Without a doubt, I still use the Baby Bjorn daily. I feel like it’s built for younger babies, so I’m starting to feel the weight a little more on my back and shoulders. I have a LILLEbaby carrier, and so I will probably be switching to that one pretty soon.

Activity Jumper // Graham LOVES his activity bouncer. Since he has become more active, he prefers sitting up or standing, and this allows him the freedom to do that, along with providing him some entertainment. I usually put him in there when I need to make meals, or have to finish some work. Noah and Emmett also love it, because they can sit next to him and play.

Transitional Sippy Cup // While Graham refuses to take a bottle, our pediatrician recommended that we start introducing a sippy cup. I don’t actually fill it with water, but I do put a couple pieces of ice in the cup so that he can rattle it around and practice holding it and “drinking” out of it.

Sensory Balls // We originally found some sensory balls when Noah was an infant, and have always kept them around. I usually lay them out on Graham’s mat during tummy time, and he will turn himself in circles looking and reaching for them.

On a separate note, poor Graham has had a red rash that covers his chest, belly, and back. There are some red, dry patches as well, so we are thinking it’s eczema. It doesn’t seem to bother him, but it bothers me to see it covering his sweet little body. We go to the doctor on Thursday, so hopefully we get some clarity around what’s going on. In the mean time, I’m going to change the detergent and body wash we are using on him and see if that brings any relief. We have also be slathering on Cerave, and while it seems to reduce the redness, it definitely hasn’t cleared it up. So if any of you mamas have dealt with something similar, PLEASE let me know what products you like using and what has worked for you! Just leave them in the comments below. 🙂

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