Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great start to the year. This last month has been an absolute doozy in our house. The boys seemed to live in a constant state of illness that we didn’t do much of anything outside of the home. So we are all officially a little stir crazy, and now that the boys are on the mend, and the holidays are wrapping up, I can finally sit down and share a life update with Graham!

Monthly Baby Update

Memorable Moments

1 // Hearing Graham say, “Mama.” Out of the three boys, he was definitely my fastest to speak a real word, and the fact that it was mama made it that much sweeter. While his vocabulary isn’t extensive, he is saying mama (typically when he is desperate to be held), dada regularly, and is occasionally signing for milk.

2 // Right before Thanksgiving Graham landed us in the emergency room. Which easily earned its place as the top three scariest moments I have experienced as a parent. While I realize all children are different, Graham as an incredibly sensitive stomach. Whether that’s just how he is made, or a side effect from our pregnancy complications, who knows. But about a month ago we started trying out purees, and our experience has been less than desirable. The only food Graham is even remotely interested in eating is sweet potatoes, and it turns out he might actually be allergic. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I had given him a little bit of pureed sweet potato, and an hour later I was getting ready to nurse him before putting him to bed. About five minutes in to feeding him, he vomited all over me. I didn’t think much of it at first, because maybe he had just eating too much. So we both changed and I cleaned up the mess, went to sit down to feed him, and he threw up all over me again. Within that next hour, he had thrown up over 10 times to the point he was dry heaving and completely pale. We didn’t know if it was a stomach bug or an allergic reaction. We ended up going to the hospital so that he could get an IV and be examined. All of his blood work and tests came back normal, so we were left believing that Graham has a sweet potato allergy. Whether he does or doesn’t, I’m not too interested in testing the theory.

3 // We got to celebrate Graham’s first Christmas! It was super sweet getting to sit around the tree on Christmas morning with all three of our babies. I was able to take a few pictures during the madness, and I got a handful of Graham’s giant gummy grin while he tore off the paper from his presents (which is really all he cared about).

4 // He is getting so close to crawling. Instead of crawling, he will roll across the floor, so I applaud him for figuring his own way around. But every once in a while he will get up on all four and rock back and forth. I don’t doubt that here in the next couple of weeks he will be on the move.

Favorite Products

  • It’s no secret that I have struggled with my milk supply this time around. I’m waiting to workout and change up my eating habits until after I’m done nursing, because anytime I do something different, my supply suffers. In the meantime, I need products that can help me get the proper calories and nutrition when I’m running around with the boys. That’s why Oat Mama is my go to. I buy the tea, which is a nice substitute since I’m not drinking coffee, and I get the bars to take with me when I’m out and about.
  • Bannor Toys. Without a doubt, these are some of the best quality toys that I have found. They are great for teething, will last forever, and I love that I can personalize them.
  • My Milk Snob cover I use regularly. I use it for nursing and for covering up the carseat when I have to run a quick errand and Graham has fallen asleep. The fabric is also super breathable and soft.
  • Our Boon Highchair has been used by all three boys, and has held up so well. It’s crazy easy to clean, and it doesn’t look half bad either!

Now that the new year has started, we are getting ready to jump back in to our regular routine, and I’m anxious to see how Graham does after having a few weeks with a “normal” schedule and planned nap times. I will say I’m sad to see the holidays go, because it was really nice to not have to be at any particular place at a specific time; but it will be good to get back to the grind and get the boys out of the house.

PS. I didn’t make any of my own New Years resolutions, but I’m looking for some inspiration, and would love to hear yours. Feel free to leave them in the comments below! xo

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