How can Graham possibly be two months old already?? I’m pretty sure the more kids you have, the faster time passes. Sleep deprivation also probably (definitely) plays a role in that as well. But here we are, two months in, completely exhausted and totally in love.

We had Graham’s two month checkup last week, and he has almost doubled in weight since birth. He is 10 pounds 11 ounces and 22.5 inches long. Which means all of that crazy cluster feeding for the first month was put to good use!

Life Update: Graham

Biggest Changes

The biggest change over the last month would definitely be his eating schedule. We have started the process of sleep training, and that begins with getting Graham on a schedule of eating every four hours during the day. I’m not incredibly militant about it, because life happens, but he has gone from eating about every 90 minutes to every 3.5-4 hours. We have also dropped all but one of our night time feedings, which has been nice getting some much needed sleep back in my tank! Another nice change would be how Graham is starting to respond to us with cooing and smiling. It’s so interesting after having other babies, because you remember that at some point they start to become “real people” and less baby blobs, you just kind of forget exactly when it happens. So it’s fun to be going through it all again and just see the light switch turn on!

Our Schedule

We have really just started implementing a loose schedule, because in an ideal world I would have a pretty regular routine down by the time Noah and Emmett start school at the beginning of September. Again, I’m not being as harsh about the schedule as I was with Noah – three babes is just a whole different ball game – but I do strongly believe that kids function better when they have a routine that they can count on.

6:45 am – This is when Graham usually starts moving around, and will only go back to sleep if I hold him (which is sweet to get in snuggles before the big boys wake up, but I really don’t want to create a habit out of this).

7:30 am – His first feeding of the day. Again, it’s a loose schedule, so if he is hungry at 7:20, then I’ll feed him at 7:20. The idea however is to get him close to 7:30, because I will need to have us out the door by 8:15 when school starts.

9:00 am – Nap. This is when he generally starts getting fussy and sleepy. If I’m walking around holding him while getting the boys ready, he will completely pass out on me. I’m hoping to get it closer to 9:30.

11:30 am – Second feeding. This works out well, because by the time I’m done nursing, it’s time for me to make lunch for the older boys.

1:00 pm – Nap. I’m really working on getting Graham to sleep in his pack-n-play without being held, and it can be hit or miss, but we’re making some progress. Hopefully we will get Noah and Emmett moved into he same room here by the end of the month so that I can get Graham moved out of our room and into a real crib.

3:30 pm – Third feeding. The time on this one seriously depends on whether he gets in a good nap or not. For example, today, I’m feeding him at 3:00, because he was just not having it. I feel like feeding on demand is still necessary at this age.

6:00 pm – This is when Graham usually takes a little cat nap.

7:15 pm – Bath time. JD has handled bath time almost every single night since we brought the boys home. It has been dubbed “guy time” in our house.

7:30 pm – Fourth feeding. Which is probably Graham’s longest feeding of the day. He will go 45-60 minutes…which is a little excessive, but that’s when I finally just sit and watch one of my shows, so it’s actually pretty nice.

3:30 – 4:00 am – Night feeding. Once we can solidify our day time feedings, that is when I will start to slowly eliminate the night feeding.

Daily Baby Products

Obviously everyone is different, but I thought I would share the baby products that we use every single day.

Baby Bjorn // I have two toddlers I’m chasing around, making food for, and wiping their booties. I need to be hands free quite a bit, and I would much rather wear Graham than listen to him cry while I’m trying to get all of these things accomplished. It’s also a huge help when running errands.

Pack-n-Play // We currently have a Graco pack-n-play set up in our living room so that I can put Graham down without worrying about his getting trampled by his big brothers. It’s also where he naps during the day.

Boppy Lounger // I will set this on the counter while I’m preparing everything for dinner so that I can talk to Graham, and he can see me. I also set it on the kitchen table when we are all eating dinner.

Activity Mat // Noah and Emmett know that this is Graham’s “safe mat” – which is really just a nice way of telling them that they aren’t allowed on the mat. This is where Graham can “play” and do his tummy time.

Boppy // Obviously. This is also great for when I need to get work done. I can sit at the kitchen table, nurse, and be hands free.

Lastly, I decided that I’m going to give Stroller Barre a try. I have barely found time to get any kind of workout in, so I thought joining a mom workout group would be great while Noah and Emmett are at school. Plus it’s something I can do with Graham! If any of you have given it a try, I would love to hear your thoughts. And if you have any workouts that you enjoy doing at home, feel free to leave them in the comments below so I can check them out! XO

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