Today, I have the absolute pleasure of getting to introduce you to the incredibly talented woman behind The Avery Grace. Laura is not only one of the most gifted ladies I know when it comes to event planning and design, she is also one of my very dear friends.

Along with hosting not one, but two of my baby showers, she has planned and designed numerous events throughout Texas. From weddings, to birthday parties, and everything in between, this gal knows no bounds when it comes to pulling off the perfect event. Her attention to detail, paired with her radiating character, make for one phenomenal duo that only ever results in a truly memorable and breathtaking experience.

So, without any further delay, please meet Laura!


The Avery Grace

Name: Laura Cadenhead
Business: The Avery Grace

WebsiteInstagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you feel called to do: Hi, I’m Laura! I have definitely always been one of those people who is the quietest one in the room. I am an observer. I am a creator. I am a planner. I truly believe that the Lord gives us all a gift, and we should share our gift. Designing spaces, planning events and throwing fabulous parties is mine and I definitely plan on sharing it!

What is the story behind The Avery Grace and how it began?: It all started while planning our wedding in 2014. I was constantly looking at wedding blogs and Pinterest. During the time when we were planning our wedding, we were also moving into our home. I then decided I needed to create a place for people to come for inspiration. Almost immediately after starting my blog, I knew this is what I was supposed to be doing. It is a total dream job! I love getting to help people plan parties and decorate their homes!

(Images from Laura’s wedding, located at Villa Del Lago in Austin, TX)

The Avery Grace
The Avery Grace
The Avery Grace

What are some of your go-to sources for inspiration?: I love the bHome app, which I just talked about on The Avery Grace (found here). I also really love strolling through model homes, I get so many ideas! My mom is an amazing decorator, so I grew up going to fabric stores, tile shops, granite yards and all of those fun places. To some that may be boring, but to me it’s like a candy store. For those people who need a little inspiration boost, I hope that is what The Avery Grace can be for them.

(Speaking of inspiration, you don’t have to go far. Here are just a few images from the GORGEOUS woodland themed baby shower hosted by The Avery Grace, which was recently featured on Style Me Pretty Living – found here!)

Baby Shower

Baby Shower
Baby Shower
Baby Shower

What is the singe best piece of advice you have been given about starting and running your own business?: Be patient. It is also probably the single most difficult thing to do. My site has been up and running for a full year, and it has taken some time for it to grow. It can be very discouraging to pour your heart into something and not have it pay off as quickly as you would like. Being patient has been the most difficult but rewarding thing. The Avery Grace is like my little web-baby and it has been so fun watching it grow!

What do you want to be remembered for?: For being kind and honest.

How do you like to spend your free time?: Usually I spend my free time reading other blogs and searching for inspiration. You would think I would be all blogged out after dedicating hours to my own, but I love it!

Favorite food: Grilled Cheese! YUM!

Interested in having your event featured on The Avery Grace? Click here to review the submission guidelines!

*All images were provided by The Avery Grace.

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