I’m normally extremely stressed when it comes to planning the boy’s birthday parties, just because I want everything to go smoothly. This year for Noah’s birthday, I decided to do something different and we held his party at our local zoo. Which means the only pre-party set up time I had was the thirty minutes prior to the party! So I downed a cup of coffee and got to work. Thankfully they had live animal exhibits lining the hallway, so I just sent the boys out with JD and my parents and shut the door to our room and got to work.

Zoo Birthday Party

Zoo Birthday Party

Zoo Birthday Party

Zoo Birthday Party

Donut Party

Zoo Birthday Party

Zoo Birthday Party

The party started at 10:00am, so I thought donuts and bagel wrapped sausages would be quick, easy, and kid friendly. The donuts came from a local bakery, FunkyTown Donuts, and were a huge hit! The kids loved picking out flavors from Razzle Dazzle to Samoa.

We kept the activities easy with coloring pages, felt animal masks, and balloons. That’s right, I’m counting balloons as an activity, because they were seriously the hit of the party. My favorite part however, was when the kids got to “adopt a monkey” to take home. Instead of party favors, I pre-made animal cracker trail mix for everyone to take with them through the zoo that actually turned out super tasty (recipe found here).

The day was actually pretty cold, but thankfully the chilliness translated in to an almost empty zoo, so it was as if we had the place all to ourselves. But at the end of the day, what started the party planning and helped pull it all together were the invites that we received from Minted. I was so excited and grateful to partner up with Minted for Noah’s party. They seriously make the worlds best invitations, holiday cards, announcements – you name it, they make it. Working with them is extremely easy, they will even print the addresses to the recipients on your envelopes for free! All in all, the color and design carried throughout the day, all the way down to the orange sprinkles I used in the animal crackers trail mix.

I wish I could have taken more images, but unfortunately 30 minutes to set up an entire party and take some good snap shots is a pretty incredible accomplishments in itself.

In additional to the craziness that is setting up a party in thirty minutes, it’s pretty mind-blowing to me how much changes in a year, so I thought it would also be fun to interview Noah on his birthday.

How old are you?: Freee

What’s your favorite color?: I don’t know. (me) blue? (Noah) no (me) red? (Noah) yes

What’s your favorite movie?: The Grinch

What about your favorite food?: Cookies

Milk or Juice?: Juice

What is your favorite animal?: A crocodile. They’re just like alligators.

*In partnership with Minted. All opinions are my own.

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