Holy moly, this has been the most insane week. We have been going nonstop around here, and if you know anything about us, we are actually really big fans of living in our pajamas.

Emmett had his 15 month checkup at the beginning of the week, and we pretty much found out that he is a baby beast. Seriously, this kid eats ALL THE TIME. All of his measurements were fantastic, and he’s growing great, which is always good to hear. YAY!

If you follow me on Snapchat (amberlynnehill), then you know on Tuesday, JD and I got a little spontaneous and went on a last-minute secret movie date. That’s right, secret. We put the boys to bed, called our sitter, and went to see Me Before You. I have to say, it was pretty exhilarating – sneaking out, stuffing our face with candy and popcorn, and weeping like a little baby as the credits rolled. It was awesome.

The most exciting part of our week though has definitely been touring preschools for Noah. I was so incredibly nervous, but now that we’ve gone and seen what a few places have to offer,  we are feeling really hopeful. All Noah has been saying is, “I want to go to school.” PS. I have always heard that people will sign their kids up for preschools at birth, but I never realized just how competitive it was. Good thing we have multiple kids so we can test all of our parenting decisions on Noah.

Friday Favorites

Fort Worth Restaurants

Friday Favorites

Because it’s Friday, and I love sharing and knowing what everyone’s current favorite things are, here are some things that are on my list lately…

I love living in Fort Worth – it has such a relaxed, family friendly vibe, and it’s growing like crazy. New restaurants and shopping places are popping up all the time that we aren’t used to seeing, and it’s exciting. This week, I got to try out the East Hampton Sandwich Co. and I fell in sandwich love. I am already a huge fan of sandwiches, but this place makes you feel like you are vacationing on the east coast. The food is fresh and atmosphere is on point. I got the Crab Avo Club and about died. Whoever decided to put a crab cake on a ciabatta bun is a pure genius.

This NARS blush. I hate spending money on makeup and then realizing it just isn’t for me. So I absolutely love when I order my regular products online and get to add free samples to my purchase. This was my first time trying out NARS, and I fell in love immediately. It was a great shade and gave off an awesome glow all day.

JoJo Moyes book, ‘Me Before You.’ I cannot put it down. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it at first, but after our little movie date this week, I’m obsessed with reading it and finding out how the story unfolds via text.

 Now that I stay at home with the boys, I rarely wear heels, and when I do, they kill my feet. A few months ago though, I found these wedges at Target, and they are probably some of the most comfortable shoes that I own. They also make me look like I made an effort, so I consider that winning.

This weekend we plan to continue the craziness that is being busy, and I’m taking the boys to the Fort Worth Science and History museum for the first time. Noah can’t stop talking about getting to see the dinosaurs, so I can’t wait to see his face when we go tomorrow. I also plan on having a garage sale for the first time in about five years. I might be slightly insane, but I’m always pro making a little cash.

Hope you guys all have an amazing weekend! XO

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  1. My sister was telling me about that movie and now I’m dying to read the book. I’m a little “old fashioned,” so I’m going to have to do book then movie.

  2. NARS blush is the best!! Honestly I always want to play with new products but I end up back with my favorites. NARS is a go to. I also need to grab this Me Before You book. I wonder if my 4 month old will let me read it haha!

    • Haha, I try to keep the book in the car, and when my husband is driving, I’ll try to read. It’s pretty good so far. I also just ordered the full sized blush, and I’m so ready for it to get here!!

  3. Hi! I never really comment on your posts but I want you to know I read every one and really love your content. You’re very relatable and your photos look like you put in effort but didn’t try to hard. Keep going 🙂

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