“The time has come, the walrus said!”

This is what I tell our toddler every night before bath time. If you’re not familiar, then stop reading right now and reference your nearest copy of ‘Alice and Wonderland’ before you continue.

So, last week I made the announcement via social media that Cupcakes and Coffee Grounds was officially transitioning to Amber Lately.  While I received tons of positive feedback about the name change, there also came a lot of questions; and now that the site is up and running under the new name (please note, all of the same stuff is still here), it felt like the right time to answer those questions!

Why the name change?

When I started Cupcakes and Coffee Grounds back in July, its initial purpose was to create an outlet for me – a hobby, something to declare my own outside of being a stay at home mom. I was struggling with the routine I had created, and was feeling more disconnected than ever. SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE.

After a few brief promptings by friends, I was encouraged to start a blog, sharing all of the tasty treats that I was baking up on a much too regular basis. At the time, Cupcakes and Coffee Grounds seemed to fit perfectly. However, over the course of the last six months, my writing and passions have grown and developed far beyond what I initially anticipated. Content on the blog naturally grew into other topics outside of food, and I was introduced to a whole new realm filled with all kinds of bloggers. Driven, creative, inspiring people.

By the end of the year, I decided to take a temporary break from the blogging world and focus my attention on my family without any distractions. When it was time to get back to the grind after the new year, I was lacking focus, motivation, and was fresh out of topics. So, I started to review my body of work, and came to the realization that there was no common theme – no common tone. No wonder the creative juices weren’t flowing.

When I set down to brainstorm, I asked myself, “What kind of blogs do I like? What kind of posts am I drawn to?” Long story short, it was the complete opposite of what I was putting out there. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the blog was taking a different direction, I just had to make the leap of faith and take it there; and with that, I decided a fresh start was best.

Does that mean the content will change?

Yes and no. While I realize that change isn’t everyone’s favorite thing in the world, more times than not, change is a good thing! It means we are growing.

So what can you expect to see on Amber Lately? More topics, more pictures, more discussions. The good news? You’re still going to get real posts, from a real person. It’s still me!

So what exactly is Amber Lately about?

Amber Lately is a daily lifestyle blog, inspiring community among women. Whether we are talking parenthood, book reviews, or recipes, Amber Lately is a place to build community through discussion. It’s a place to receive empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration – a comfortable place to confidently be yourself. A place to relax and laugh. A place to just…be.

So, without any further ado…WELCOME!!


If you have any other questions about the new direction of the blog, I would LOVE to hear from you! Just leave them in the comments below.

29 comments on “Say Hello to Amber Lately!”

  1. I went through a similar phase this year as well. I originally wanted to focus mainly on food. But then realized that as much as I LOVED food, I love talking about being a mom and those struggles more so. I too took a three month break from blogging and refocused my thought process. I didn’t change the name only because I was asked, by many people, not too. l think evolving blogs are great blogs. They show progression through your own organic life that is needed. Thank you for sharing this with us today and congrats on your new direction!

    • For starters, I absolutely ADORE your blog name – I always remember it! Second, thank you so much for your encouragement and sweet words, it is exactly what I need to hear. 🙂

  2. I love it, and it’s such a great fit for you! We all grow and change as a person, and it’s usually a process. I’m excited to see where the new blog and direction will take you. Congrats with taking a leap of faith! 🙂

  3. As you know I was/am a huge fan of Cupcakes and Coffee Grounds, but I am SO excited for what Amber Lately has in its future!! Good for you for stepping out – it’s gonna be amazing!

  4. It’s very important to review your goals once in a while & make sure you are on track. It’s a big decision but I’m glad you did it! Looking forward to more from Amber Lately!

  5. Rebrands are always fun! I didn’t follow you before, but I am compelled by the direction you saw you are following now! I blog about many the same things and I think we can become blog friends now. 😀

    • Dominique, I hope you find a new direction that you’re passionate about. I just started brainstorming after I figured out what I like about the blogs that usually captivate my attention and figured out how to implement that, but still try to make it my own! Keep me posted on any changes you make!

  6. I love the new name. Like the people that write them, blogs are always evolving. I think it’s awesome that you’ve got a fresh outlook.

  7. I love your new name (super cute) and your new blogging ideas! Congratulations on making the change and giving yourself a fresh new slate of topics you can blog about. It’s so wonderful to feel excited again about what lies ahead in your blogging adventure. 🙂

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