Now that baby number three is well on the way, we’ve decided that instead of having the kids in three separate bedrooms (which would also mean vetoing the guest bedroom), we have come to the conclusion that our two older boys are going to share a room.

I was a little nervous at first, because while they are on the same sleep and nap schedules, I just felt like it might be a disastrous decision. But after doing some research and checking in with other moms, it seems like moving the boys in together might actually be a great idea (fingers crossed).

I really want to make their bedroom a traditional, clean space with some boyish charm. Something that is easy to transition through their different seasons of life. So I love the idea of using plaids, black iron beds, and hanging some prints of different dogs (like these found on Etsy). I’ve found a lot of great inspiration from Pinterest, and have officially fallen in love with bedding from Restoration Hardware. Now I just have to figure out what I want to do about a dresser in their room and some bed side tables.

Super CUTE ideas for a shared boys bedroom! //

Super CUTE ideas for a shared boys bedroom! //

Super CUTE ideas for a shared boys bedroom! //

Super CUTE ideas for a shared boys bedroom! //

Super CUTE ideas for a shared boys bedroom! //

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I absolutely adore the blue dresser, but I’m not much of a DIYer. So If you know anyone who wants to buy and paint a dresser like this for me, I won’t be mad at all. I am also really loving the idea of adding some leather poufs and using a small bookshelf as a night stand between the two beds.

We will hopefully get started on their room by this summer, but I am wanting to get their space painted before we start moving any new furniture in. I’m thinking of doing a nice, clean white, but I’ll keep you posted on what we move forward with. If you guys have any room makeovers that you’ve done for your little guys, I would love to see pictures! Put the links in the comments below so that I can check them out and save them for some inspiration. 🙂

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12 comments on “Shared Boys Bedroom Inspiration”

  1. I love this! We are actually in the process of figuring out our boy’s bedroom right now, too! Our baby will be moving in there with big brother in a few more months and so this is great inspiration! I love the first two photos and the decor!

  2. I adore these rooms. I don’t mind “character” rooms (i.e. super hero, CARS, etc) but I prefer these rooms with hints of charm. Kids grow out of likes and dislikes so quickly so its easiest to decorate this way with hints of characters. Check out your local Home Goods. They may have that blue dresser for cheap.

  3. I love these – classic and elegant, but still boyish. I have little grandsons who would like a room like these.

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