I have always really enjoyed reading, but since having kids, I find it extremely difficult to buckle down and choose a book over a solid Netflix binge. I also tend to have a bad habit of randomly buying new reads and then letting them pile up on my nightstand for months.

I actually read before that if you don’t read the book within the first six weeks of having it, you more than likely will never pick it up and read it. I don’t think I truly believed it at first, but after paying attention to my reading habits, I definitely noticed a pattern. And while I like the idea of the books I buy, I have discovered that the only books that get read, and get read quickly are thrillers. Something that makes me flip through the pages to the point that I lose all track of time and leaves me on the edge of my seat. So I decided to put together a list of my most recent reading addictions, along with some potential options to check out next. Enjoy!

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 1. In a Dark, Dark Wood. I finished this book within 48 hours. It is definitely a page turner and left me wondering who was going to do what. I also love the way that Ruth Ware writes, because you truly feel like you are the main character. It got so sketchy at one point, I actually had to set the alarm system on our home. Seriously.

2. The Couple Nextdoor. I was hooked from the first sentence. I started this on our flight back from New York, and was finished with it by the following day. The storyline is incredibly compelling, especially for anyone who has a child, as it revolves around an infant being kidnapped from their own home. This book is proof that you never really know what is happening behind closed doors.

3. The Woman in Cabin 10. Another Ruth Ware addiction. There is just something about a potential murder that has taken place out on the open sea that keeps you flying through the pages. It actually kind of made me think that I was in my own version of the board game, Clue. Who did it, in what room, with what weapon?? Not to mention the insane twist.

4. Into the Water. I just picked this book up and plan to dig in to it this weekend. I really enjoyed The Girl on the Train, so I thought this would be a good novel to check out next.

Potential next reads:

Behind Closed Doors and All the Missing Girls. I have actually read mixed reviews about both books, so if you have read either, let me know your thoughts on whether they worth investing the time.

If you have any other thrilling reads that you would recommend me checking out, please send them my way! I have a personal goal where I try to read at least one book a month, so I can never get enough book recommendations. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! XO

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  1. I read All the Missing Girls a few months ago and just finished Behind Closed Doors. I LOVED both of them! They are both quick reads! I’m a fan of Ruth Ware as well, so I think you’ll like those!!!

  2. Oh, other creepy ones I’ve liked… The Butterfly Garden, Never Let Go (really anything by Chevy Stevens), and You. You was good, but disturbing!

  3. I read All the Missing Girls awhile back and really, really enjoyed it. Very quick read, a few loose ends, but worth the read.

  4. I just saw that someone recommended “YOU.” I also read that book and I could literally not put it down. I love that it is from the perspective of the “bad guy.”

  5. I can’t purposely disturb or scare myself. It’s just not ok for me. The Bible talks about thinking on the good, the pure, the lovely- for me, I can’t understand reading dark stories. I don’t like my spirit being restless. :/

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