Let’s talk about toddler bedtime routines. I’ve got to be honest – we, thankfully, have pretty easy kids when it comes to bedtime. We have a routine that we have stuck pretty closely to since our oldest was born, and it works for us.

Our normal bedtime routine is pretty basic and predictable, and goes a little like the following.

Every night, come 7:45, JD is in charge of bath time. Bath time has officially been deemed “male bonding time” in our house. Which is great, because then I can get the rest of the house picked up and the boy’s rooms ready for bed. When they have gotten all of their farting and burping out of the way, we tag team brushing the their teeth while singing random, re-mixed songs with ad-libbed words about said teeth brushing; then divide and conquer getting the boys in their jammies. When everyone is slathered in lotion, diapered, and dressed, we reconvene in Noah’s room for a bedtime story and prayers.

Simple, to the point, and it works. There are, of course, some nights that don’t go as smoothly; and while we haven’t had any issues with keeping our kids in bed, sometimes they just don’t want to go to bed (#toddlerlife). So when fellow mommy, Teryn Tilque, reached out to me about her new product that had worked wonders with her toddler, I didn’t have to think twice about giving it a try!

When we broke out the ‘Whoo is Ready for Bed?‘ book, Noah was really excited. He seriously loves new books – I think it also helped that it came with a cute little stuffed owl that he got to snuggle and hold on to while we read. After we finished the book, the boy flew into his bed with lightning speed and practically fell asleep on the spot. Seriously.

Bedtime Book Routine

Bedtime Book Routine

Bedtime Book Routine

Bedtime Book Routine

Bedtime Book Routine

 // Why I love this book //

1. Who doesn’t love a book with a witty title? In my opinion, any book with a clever title gets a go in our house.

2. There is an owl to be found every time you turn the page, which made Noah pay attention the entire time, because he was able to be engaged and participate in what we were doing.

3. Everybody in the book is going to sleep (hint hint).

4. There is a tangible owl that the child can hold. In the book it mentions that the owl is going to stay through the night to keep the child company, and after three good nights of going to bed without any issues, the owl is supposed to bring your kid a special treat. (It doesn’t have to be anything fabulous – think hot wheels car or donuts. To be honest, Noah completely forgot that he was supposed to get a treat, which didn’t change the effect of the book what-so-ever.)

5. There is a cute little checklist (which comes with a non-toxic, easily erasable crayon) for you and your kid to go through to confirm that they are ready for bed. This was probably Noah’s favorite part of the book.

 All-in-all, I’m a big fan. Truthfully, anything that makes parenting even a little bit easier is always a win. Parenting is hard, and by the end of the day, we all hope for a seamless bedtime so that we can manage to get a few uninterrupted moments for ourselves – and this book delivers. So if you’re interested in testing this out for yourself, you can get your copy HERE.

Also, I would love to hear about your bedtime routines and what has worked best with you and your kids! Feel free to share in the comments below. 🙂

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  1. Bedtime is always and interesting time. And guess what? As they get older, it doesn’t always get easier. There are just different challenges. Albeit, I’m glad I don’t have to bathe every child every night and that they are becoming more independent.

  2. Cute book! We have pretty easy kids too when it comes to bedtime and have a similar routine. Sometimes we add in some night time yoga too to calm them down if they are a little hyper that night. Loving your blog!

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