You don’t have to know me well to know that I’m a huge fan of coffee. It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I am a big supporter of online shopping, subscription services, and pretty much anything that makes life easier. All of that being said, I have finally found something that combines my passion for coffee and my love for convenience all in one seriously tasty package (pun intended).






Just like most people, I am a creature of habit. So for the last five years my husband and I have faithfully walked down the coffee aisle and tossed either a box of k-cups or bag of Starbucks Cafe Verona in our cart. Without fail, that is what we always buy, and I have never really thought about changing it up. Honestly, when we started buying it I thought it was great – anything was better than the Folgers we were purchasing by the pound. Over time however, I have managed to make the excuse to go to a coffee shop and buy coffee instead of drinking what I have at home. To me, it always seems like coffee made at a coffee shop tastes way better than when I make it home.

Turns out it wasn’t me…it was my coffee.


If you haven’t heard of Nomad Coffee Club, feel free to thank me now. This Toronto based company has decided to trade in their mediocre cups of daily joe for genuine experiences with coffee from all over the world. They are also the masterminds who have come up with the idea to deliver freshly roasted coffee directly to your doorstep.

That’s right, you don’t even have to leave your home to get fresh coffee. It just shows up…at your door…waiting for you to brew and drink it. #winning

To be honest, I was a little skeptical of the idea at first since I have yet to find coffee that I can brew at home and it taste just as good as getting it fresh from the coffee shop. That being said, I am always willing to try something at least once – plus there is just something about coffee magically appearing in my mailbox that sounds extremely delightful.

From the minute I opened my little box of caffeinated heaven, I knew I was going to fall in love. It was seriously some of the best coffee I have ever smelled.

Not only does it smell phenomenal, but it always comes delivered with a card that fills you in on its incredible background and where it came from.


This month’s roast came from Ethiopia. With subtle hints of coconut milk, apricot, and peaches, it clearly paired amazingly with the coconut milk that I usually add to my coffee.

Since Sunday, I have probably made a minimum of 10 cups. So while this bag is supposed to last you a month (assuming that you drink one cup a day), I will probably go through it rather quickly.

Nomad Coffee Club has four different subscription services you can choose from, all of which involve you, fresh coffee, and it arriving on your doorstep (again, this sounds like winning to me). However, if I am going to go through the coffee so quickly, I think a two bag per month option should be added to the subscription services…hint hint.

The package also arrived with a handy little card that informed you on how to best make a cup of coffee using the how to steps found here.

While I shamefully admit that I, myself, did not brew the coffee via a pour over coffee maker, it still surpassed all of my expectations; and I can happily report that I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Thank you to Nomad Coffee Club for allowing me to try out your coffee! Please note that I did not get paid to share my opinions on this product, and the reviews expressed in this post are solely my own, and that I am genuinely addicted. (insert smiley face emoji here)

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  1. Ahh I love coffee so much! My husband and I go through it SO quick, a subscription would probably be a wise idea. That’s neat that it’s a Canadian company! Great post
    Danielle Greco |

  2. I’ve become a flavored coffee fanatic! I’ll have to look at what they offer. I usually order from a tiny shop in Salado, Texas that has this Salado blend that is amazing. Hazelnut, Amaretto, Irish Creme and Chocolate Fudge blended together. I will sometimes cheat on them and get pre-packaged coffee from the store, thinking it isn’t THAT good, and then I order it again, and oh, yes, it really is. I try to ALWAYS have one bag on hand.

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