A properly packed and prepared diaper bag is a parent’s life line when you’re away from the house. It only takes a few times out to quickly realize what you can’t live without and what is simply getting in the way. And after three kids, I’ve figured out what works for us. So for those expecting their first, I have put together a list of what we like to keep in our diaper bag on a regular basis.

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1. The Honest Company Diaper Bag – Before our first was born, JD went out and treated me to the cutest over the shoulder diaper bag. And during my whole first year of parenthood, I loved and used it. It was super easy to get my phone and keys out of quickly, I could hang it over the stroller, it was great. Then we had a second child. Without fail, every time I was walking into the store, I would whack Noah on the head with the diaper bag. I had Emmett in my arms, I would bend down, and then whack! So we finally decided to invest in a backpack diaper bag. Best. Decision. Ever. There are a handful of great diaper bag backpacks out there, this just happens to be the one that I’m currently using. Some people will also ask if it’s necessary for it to be an actually diaper bag or will a regular backpack will work. This is totally your preference. I like having all of the designated compartments, loops, hooks, and changing pad – but that’s just me!

2. Seventh Generation Wipes – We have always been loyal Pampers users. However, when Graham was born, he was getting terrible diaper rash around the clock. At some point during our pregnancy, someone had given us some organic, alcohol-free wipes, so I used them. Shortly after I did, his diaper rash started clearing up. That’s when I realized just how sensitive his skin is. This also got me thinking that regardless of his skin’s sensitivity, maybe I shouldn’t be using wipes that can cause this type of reaction – so I switched. Seventh Generation is now my go to, and we have had zero issues since making the change. You can also feel confident using them on your child’s face without fear of it agitating their skin. (Note: this is not me putting down Pampers – we still use their diapers, their wipes just weren’t the right fit for our family anymore.)

3. Milk Snob Cover – Whether you breastfeed or not, you will use this regularly. It’s great for covering the carseat, high chairs, shopping carts, you name it. I use it the most during this season as a nursing cover, and it is by far my favorite. It’s super lightweight, so I don’t worry about Graham getting overheated while I’m covered in public. They are also crazy stylish and come in a ton of different designs.

4. Pacifier Clip – I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory, but it’s a real time saver when you aren’t having to pick up rouge pacis from the floor every five minutes. I like this brand particularly, because it can double as a teether.

5. Green Sprouts Burp Cloths – With Noah and Emmett I used name brand cloth diapers as their burp cloths. They got the job done, but they honestly didn’t absorb very well. With Graham I wanted to try something different, and I am so glad I did. I found the Green Sprouts burp cloths on Amazon, and fell in love. They are incredibly soft, and thick enough to take care of some of the craziest spit-ups.

6. Shea Moisture Ointment – I’ve shared this product with you guys before, and that’s because it really does work. I use this on diaper rash, skin irritations, chapped lips, you name it. And just in case no one has told you, creams without zinc oxide in them work the best for clearing up diaper rash!

7. Waterproof Bag – I found Logan + Lenora while I was pregnant with Graham, and I immediately fell in love with their products. I have tried similar bags before, but they definitely weren’t quite as stylish. These come in a handful of different sizes and designs, which makes it easy to transition them outside of the baby years. I personally have two different sizes in my bag now. One holds all of the snacks I carry around for the older boys, and the bigger bag holds everything I need for Graham (diapers, wipes, a burp cloth, my nursing cover, pacifier, Shea Moisture ointment, and a spare onesie). I like to keep them both stocked, so that I can easily grab them and toss them in whatever bag I need. I also keep a bag with our swim stuff so that I have a place for our wet towels and suits.

8. Little Unicorn Bandanas – I have a handful of old bandanas from Noah and Emmett, but nothing beats the Little Unicorn brand. They are thick, soft, and come in really cute designs. I love bandanas when the babes start teething – it saves their outfit from being soaked, and I’m pretty sure there is nothing better than a baby in a bandana.

9. Soothie Pacifier – Everyone has their own specific brand that works best for their child. Since the soothie pacifier is what they use in the NICU, naturally Graham has taken a liking to this particular brand. I keep one on his pacifier clip in our waterproof bag, and is WubbaNub in his carseat.

10. Sanitizer – I have a travel size sanitizer attached to everything. EVERYTHING. My backpack, the kid’s backpacks, our swim bag, the stroller. I have multiple kids, which means I have many sanitizers.

11. Onesie – Always, always, always keep a spare change of clothes in your diaper bag. I forgot to put one my bag the other day, then we got to church, I took Graham out of his carseat and he had a huge blowout all the way up his back. I ended up having to drive back home with a naked baby while JD and the boys went to church. Thankfully, we just live down the street, but still – I was completely dressed with my hair and makeup done and had to go back home. Oh, and a little tip for when you start potty training, keep a spare pair of shorts on hand as well.

12. Dr. Brown’s Pacifier and Bottle Wipes – I just found these wipes, and I love them. They are alcohol, paraben, and fragrance free. They naturally clean pacifiers and bottles, so if you happen to drop them on the floor, you can easily wipe them off and know that they are clean. I also like to use them on Graham’s teething toys.

In addition to the above, I usually always try to keep some chapstick and eyedrops for myself in my diaper bag, along with some lotion and sunscreen for the boys. Oh, and Wet Ones to wipe down tables and high chairs with when we are out and about. I do my best to always restock anything that I use as soon as I get home, that way I’m not heading out the door with depleted supplies.

So what are some of the products that you always keep in your diaper bag? Leave your list in the comments below, because I definitely want to make sure I’m not missing something that could be making my life easier – whether it’s helping with a meltdown, or a tasty snack, I want to know about it!

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  1. My kids are finally at that age where I don’t have to pack then entire house to go somewhere (woohoo!!!), but I love the waterproof bags! And that Honest Company bag looks amazing!

    • Haha Samantha, I was soooo close to being at that stage, and then we had another. I am seriously a fan of those waterproof bags though, because they are so easy to toss in your purse or car. Plus they are super cute!

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