After sharing 8 Tasty Whole30 Recipes last week, I’ve had some people request that I share what our typical meal plan looks like. I do want to preface this, however, with the fact that I am pregnant and I usually don’t have an appetite in the morning – so I will give you a rundown of what I would usually cook or at least prepare for JD.

Whole30 Meal Plan


Breakfast: Two eggs with Tapatio hot sauce and bacon.

Lunch: Southern Shrimp Salad, made with Primal Kitchen Mayo (which is Whole30 approved).

Dinner: Steak and baked sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon.


Breakfast: Homemade hash browns with avocado and fried eggs.

Lunch: Hot dogs/links (You can usually find Whole30 approved ones at Costco) and baked sweet potato fries (just be sure to nix the parmesan).

Dinner: Bunless burgers with bacon and a fried egg, with a side salad.


Breakfast: When I’m not super hungry, I usually reach for an RXBAR and some coffee with unsweetened coconut milk.

 Lunch: Homemade Chicken Salad.

Dinner: Pork chops and mashed sweet potatoes. I got my recipe for mashed sweet potatoes from the Whole30 book, and they were AMAZING!


Breakfast: Sausage and eggs with some fruit.

Lunch: Leftover shrimp salad.

Dinner: Buffalo Ranch Chicken with Guacamole.


Breakfast: RXBAR with coffee.

Lunch: Leftover pork chops and mashed sweet potatoes.

Dinner: Sausage and potato skillet meal.


Breakfast: Banana with cashew butter and cinnamon, with coffee.

Lunch: Leftover Chicken Salad.

Dinner: Harvest Grilled Chicken Salad (which can be found in the Whole30 book).


Breakfast: Chorizo and eggs.

Lunch: Grilled chicken with a baked sweet potato.

Dinner: Taco Bowls (we make this regularly).

Favorite Snacks

Whole30 Snacks

Roasted pecans, bananas with cashew butter and cinnamon, larabars (just make sure they have only Whole30 approved ingredients – the blueberry muffin flavor has vanilla in it, which is a no no), and cucumbers with salt and pepper.

If you have any go to snacks or recipes that you can’t live without, please send them my way!  We seriously go through three bushels of bananas a week.

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